Paul Merson slams 'pathetic' sin bin idea that will 'kill the game'

Arsenal legend Paul Merson hits out at ‘pathetic’ sin bin idea that will ‘kill the game’ and insists ‘clueless’ decision-makers should not be making more changes to the game after ‘failing to get VAR right’

  • The International Association Board (IFAB) said the rule could reach a pro level
  • Reportedly, sin bins have been reducing the level of abuse that officials receive 
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Paul Merson has slammed the ‘pathetic’ decision to trial sin bins at higher levels of football after initial tests at a grassroots level.

The Arsenal hero proposed that putting players in the sin bin for 10 minutes after receiving a yellow card will have a terrible impact at the top levels of football.

The International Association Board (IFAB) announced on Tuesday that the new rule will be trialled further and it could potentially reach a professional level.

Reportedly, sin bins have been reducing the levels of abuse that officials receive as dissent is penalised.

Speaking on Sky Sports, however, Merson said it will create an extremely ‘boring’ brand of football.

Arsenal legend Paul Merson has slammed plans for sin bins to be introduced at top levels

Reports have suggested the introduction of a sin bin has reduced referee abuse in the game

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‘So they want to bring in sin bins. Sin bins? Pathetic,’ the 55-year-old said.

‘You put someone in the sin bin in football for 10 minutes, you’re killing the game. You’d get 10 players sitting behind the ball the whole time, it’d be the most boring football ever. It’s an absolute waste of time, a waste of time.

‘All they’d be doing then for that 10 minutes is taking their time over taking a throw-in, they’ll take a goal kick, they’ll buy a foul, and it’ll just grind out the worst 10 minutes you could imagine.

‘We’re talking about people who know the rules but don’t have a clue about football. Not a clue. It’ll just make people argue even more! “Oh, he should’ve been sent to the sin bin last week.”

‘When are they going to stop? Don’t put new things in when you haven’t fixed the problems with the rules you’ve already got.’


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