Notorious prankster Dan Jarvis claims responsibility for sex noises

Notorious prankster Dan Jarvis posts video claiming responsibility for sex noises played during the live Euro 2024 draw… using SAME technique he used during FA Cup broadcast last year

  • Dan Jarvis committed a similar prank less than year ago on Gary Lineker
  • The infamous prankster filmed a video in which he claimed responsibility
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Notorious prankster Dan Jarvis has claimed responsibility for causing live sex noises to be heard during the Euro 2024 draw. 

The draw was interrupted midway through when porn noises were heard throughout the room. 

Former Manchester City star David Silva, and much of the audience, were left stunned after the sounds began to play, with everyone seemingly powerless to stop them. 

Jarvis, also known as Jarvo, has since released a video on social media platform X claiming responsibility and showing how he did the prank. 

He used a remarkably similar technique to the one that caused havoc during the BBC’s coverage of Liverpool vs Wolves. 

Former Manchester City midfielder David Silva was left stunned and confused by the prank

England will play Slovenia, Denmark and Serbia in Group C at next years Euro 2024 tournament

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Speaking in the video Jarvis said: ‘We are live, here we are in Germany, Hamburg, where we are doing a prank live on the Euro 2024 draw.’ 

‘Sorry man I am so f***ing pumped, and I’m just excited for it.’ 

Laughing and joking in the footage Jarvis then exclaims: ‘Tell us we ain’t the best pranksters in the world!’ 

‘You heard it here first, this is live, we’ve done this’ 

‘Listen that was us that! get it out, we got in there, we put the phone in there we rung it, sex noise at the Euro 2024 draw, love you guys!’ 

Jarvis proceeds to describe the ‘big’ prank before ringing the phone held in his hand.    

Jarvis is seen gesticulating towards the screen where the Euro draw is taking place live on TV and it is clear his prank is successful.

It seems the prank may have operated in a similar way to the one he pulled a year ago, where he managed to get into Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Molineux stadium and tape the mobile to furniture on set.

Dan Jarvis, also known as Jarvo, has infamously snuck into team lineups and onto sporting fields



Match 1: Sunday June 16 – England vs Serbia (Gelsenkirchen)

Match 2: Thursday June 20 – England vs Denmark (Frankfurt)

Match 3: Tuesday June 25 – England vs Slovenia (Cologne) 


Jarvis then called the phone from his home, with its ringtone – noises from a porn clip – sounding as Lineker introduced the live FA Cup match between Wolves and Liverpool to an audience of millions. 

The prankster snuck past said that he walked into the stadium on Monday with the BBC crew preparing for the live FA Cup broadcast on Tuesday night. 

He claims that the BBC thought he worked for Wolves, but ‘people from Wolves thought we were with the TV’.

It is unclear at this moment as to how the Brit snuck his way into the Euro 2024 draw studio. 

England drew a suspected ‘easy’ draw and will play Slovenia, Denmark and Serbia in Group C next year.  

Jarvis has 21 convictions including a prison term for various pranks and is famous for his outtings


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