Neville is mocked by Carragher for his 'f***ing offside' jacket

Gary Neville is mocked by Jamie Carragher for the ‘f***ing offside’ jacket he wore on the latest episode of Stick To Football, before the former Man United defender tells his fellow pundit to ‘f*** off’

  • Eddie Hearn appeared on The Overlap’s Stick to Football podcast this week
  • During the show, Jamie Carragher mocked Gary Neville for his choice of jacket
  • Listen to the latest episode of Mail Sport’s podcast ‘It’s All Kicking Off!’ 

Jamie Carragher brutally mocked Gary Neville for his outfit choice on The Overlap’s Stick To Football podcast, before he was told to ‘f*** off’ by his fellow pundit.

Neville has recently launched the new show in association with Sky Bet alongside the likes of Carragher, Roy Keane, Jill Scott and Ian Wright.

They have also regularly had guests on and this week renowned boxing promoter Eddie Hearn joined the quintet.

And, at the start of the show, Neville was in conversation with Hearn in a behind-the-scenes clip as Caragher walked past him.

The former Liverpool defender was quick to comment on Neville’s choice of attire as he questioned his black and white jacket when he said: ‘What the f*** is that? Where’s he got this?’

Jamie Carragher mocked Gary Neville for his outfit choice on the Stick To Football podcast

The former Liverpool defender hit out at Neville’s ‘f***ing offside’ black and white jacket before his fellow pundit bit back and told him to ‘f*** off’

Neville laughed and replied: ‘It’s a bit of product placement.’

Carragher then continued his mocking as he added: ‘Is it Off-White (a luxury fashion label)? It’s f***ing offside,’ before Wright chimed in as he said: ‘Someone says “yeah that Off-White’s really good”, and he’s just taken anything off Off-White.’

A rattled Neville then said: ‘I might go and get my black jumper. I’m going to go and get my jumper. I’ve lost my confidence.’

However, as he went to leave the room, Neville – with encouragement from Wright – stuck to his guns as he turned around again and said: ‘F*** it. F*** Carra.’

During his appearance on the show, Hearn discussed several aspects from his career in boxing, including how he turned down the chance to sign Tyson Fury in 2017 after he arrived overweight and ‘sweating’ to a meeting. 

He also called for a major Battle of Britain clash between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury next year, while he hit out at Tyson’s younger brother Tommy Fury after his performance against KSI on Saturday and labelled the 24-year-old a ‘terrible’ boxer.  

During his appearance on the show, Hearn discussed several aspects from his career in boxing

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