Jamie Carragher SLAMS Nicolo Zaniolo after head injury

Jamie Carragher SLAMS Nicolo Zaniolo after head injury and suggests players are ‘milking’ the issue… as he calls for the Premier League to clamp down on players ‘ruining the game’

  • Zaniolo went down with Villa under pressure after a tackle from Nayef Aguerd
  • Carragher suggested players are faking injuries in order to get the game halted
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Jamie Carragher slammed football’s way of dealing with head injuries during games after Nicolo Zaniolo caused play to stop in Aston Villa’s game against West Ham.

Zaniolo hit the deck under pressure from Nayef Aguerd in the second half of the game after losing the ball with his side under pressure and leading in the game.

Referee David Coote stopped the game, but Carragher, speaking on commentary on Sky Sports, suggested players are faking injury because they know the game will be stopped.

Though games can continue if a player suffers injury during play, play must be stopped instantly if a player suffers a blow to the head in order for them to reeive immediate treatment.

The Premier League have recently introduced changes that sees the injured player have to spend 30 seconds off the field after play has restarted, but Carragher suggested the game shouldn’t be stopped if it’s obvious the player isn’t hurt.  

Nicolo Zaniolo went to ground during Aston Villa’s game against West Ham holding his head

Jamie Carragher ripped into the call to stop play, saying players are ‘milking head injuries’ and ‘ruining the game

‘I’ve had enough of this. People are milking head injuries,’ he began. ‘The referee might not know, but he’s seen the challenge, he knows nothing is wrong. 

‘It’s ruining the game. Players go down when they lose the ball in a dangerous position. It’s a nothing challenge. This is a nonsense. 

‘He knows the game will have to be stopped. The referee feels like he has to blow the whistle. 

‘This has to stop, it’s happening too much. It was brought in to help players and they’re now taking advantage. He was fine five minutes ago.’


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