MotoGP race red flagged after world champion Bagnaia ran over by opponent

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    MotoGP world champion Pecco Bagnaia has been ran over by an opponent in a sickening first lap crash in Barcelona.

    Bagnaia was conscious but in visible discomfort as medics rushed to him on track.

    The incident came after the second corner of the race, where the Italian high-sided his motorbike and was sent flying to the ground.

    But with top speeds of over 200mph, South African racer Brad Binder was unable to avoid the stricken body and ran straight over the leg of his opponent.

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    The incident came just seconds after a massive five-rider crash at the very first corner, where Enea Bastianini fell to the ground and collected a handful of other riders with him. Bastianini was taken to hospital as a result of that crash.

    Race stewards immediately suspended the race following Bagnaia's incident, as medics rushed to his aid.

    He was grounded for approximately 10 minutes before he was placed into the back of the ambulance and was cheered off by concerned fans.

    Incredibly, it appears Bagnaia may have escaped the incident without a broken bone. Binder retired three laps into the restart and immediately went to the medical centre to visit his stricken rival.

    "I went to see him in the medical centre and I didn't expect to see him in there chilling," he said following the race.

    Dr Angel Charte, who works with MotoGP and assessed Bagnaia, told DAZN Spain: "Pecco is fine. He had a severe polytraumatism. A motorcycle has passed over his femoral and tibial area.

    WARNING: Video contains distressing images

    “We have taken an X-ray and we have detected a small injury that we don't know if it is current or old.

    “We need to do an urgent CAT scan, which will be done at the Hospital General de Catalunya. At cranial and thoracic level everything has been normal. He was oriented [conscious].”

    Bagnaia is leading the MotoGP world championship and finished second in Saturday's sprint race, but was looking to build on that with a victory at the Circuit de Catalunya on Sunday.

    He made the perfect getaway, not allowing Aleix Espargaro to challenge him on the opening lap.

    Crews were left clearly shaken in the garages as they waited for updates on Bagnaia following the crash, but were reassured that they were able to move him off track so quickly.

    Fans also shared their concern on social media. One wrote: "Thoughts with the Champion Pecco Bagnaia after that horrid crash."

    Another added: "Let's pray for Bagnaia." A third said: "That could have been horrendous."

    One fan noted how close it was to further disaster, stating: "Saved by millimetres.

    "Binder could not avoid his legs. Luckily all the other riders have avoided."

    Bagnaia was taken to hospital shortly after his trip to the medical centre.

    Binder, who hit the Italian, retired from the race three laps after the restart.

    Following the race, he said: "The toughest thing was to get back on the bike and carry on. The good thing is that I saw him move.

    "I knew that I had clipped his leg. At least I never hit him square on but it is a scary incident to be involved with."

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