Lando Norris snaps back at question on if Max Verstappen is his 'BFF'

Lando Norris snaps back at suggestion that Max Verstappen is his ‘BFF’ as he tells reporter to ‘never say that again’ and that they are only ‘kind of friends’ away from the track

  • Norris and Verstappen are regularly seen joking around in the F1 paddock 
  • The McLaren star though has strongly denied that Verstappen is his ‘BFF’  
  • Norris snapped back at a reporter when he was asked about the Dutchman 

Lando Norris snapped back at a reporter who suggested that Max Verstappen was his ‘BFF’. 

The McLaren star and the triple world champion are good friends, who are often seen joking around in the Formula One paddock and have spent some time together away from it as well. 

Verstappen told Mail Sport earlier this year that Norris was his ‘best friend’ on the grid, while the British racer has been linked with a future move to Red Bull as a potential replacement for Sergio Perez.

Norris though has strongly denied that Verstappen is his ‘BFF’ (best friend forever) and that they are only ‘kind of friends’.  

When a reporter made the comment to Norris, the 24-year-oldsaid: ‘He’s not my BFF (best friend forever), don’t ever say that again.

Lando Norris was quick to shut down suggestion that he and Max Verstappen are best friends telling a reporter to ‘not say that again’ when they commented the Dutchman was his ‘BFF’

The pair are good friends who have spent time together away from the track (Norris pictured after Verstappen receives his Hungarian GP trophy – as the McLaren star broke his original one)

‘We respect each other and we get along, kind of friends away [from the track], but that’s it. We just have a lot of respect for one another.’

Despite Norris’ comments it does appear they are somewhat close away from the F1 paddock. 

Verstappen had 19 victories this season, though his Hungarian Grand Prix trophy was accidently damaged by Norris during the podium ceremony.

Norris decided to open his bottle of champagne by using Verstappen’s trophy as a makeshift bottle opener – and safe to say, it didn’t go well. 

The champagne erupts and Norris immediately walks over to the duo to join in the celebrations, while the trophy takes a tumble from it’s plinth and onto the floor.

Norris though was present when Verstappen was handed his replacement trophy, and joked: ‘It’s in one piece. Lando is not allowed to touch it.’

The pair were also pictured together with Martin Garrix during the summer break, as they attended one of the Dutch DJ’s show. 

Speaking about Norris to Mail Sport, Verstappen said: ‘I get on really well with Lando because he is just himself and normal. He is my best friend on the grid. 

Norris is still searching for his first race win with the Brit finishing second behind Verstappen at five races this year including the British Grand Prix

‘He loves what he is doing. I could see clearly from years ago in go-karting that he was very quick — though we never raced against each other. Everything just came to him really naturally as a driver.

‘Good performances were not just one-offs or hit and miss; he was always up at the front. So it was clear he was always going to be here. Some people are quick but don’t know why or how to explain it.’ 

Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko also hinted of a potential move for Norris in the future as he said: ‘He is by far the strongest of the young drivers. He would also suit Red Bull best because of his youthful character.’

Norris is still searching for his first race win and finished second behind the Dutchman five times this season – with Verstappen notably denying him victory in front of his home crowd at Silverstone in July. 

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