Travis Kelce wants to be on USA's flag football team at 2028 Olympics

Travis Kelce wants to be on USA Olympic team in 2028 after flag football is added, but fears he’ll be too old: ‘I need a f****ng gold medal’

  • Flag football is set to become an Olympic sport for the first time ever in 2028
  • Kelce has thrown his name in the hat to become an assistant coach for Team USA
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Flag football is set to become an Olympic sport for the first time ever in 2028 – and Travis Kelce is desperate to get involved. 

Five new sports have been added to the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, with baseball, cricket, lacrosse and squash confirmed for the program along with the non-contact variant of American football. 

Instead of tackling players to the ground, flag football involves a defensive team removing a flag or flag belt from the ball carrier to end a down.

A number of current or former NFL stars are already throwing their names in the hat to play it at the LA Games, including the likes of Rob Gronkowski, Tyreek Hill, Micah Parsons and AJ Brown. 

And now Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end dominating headlines right now amid his budding romance with Taylor Swift, has declared interest in joining Team USA in 2028.

Flag football (right) is set to become an Olympic sport for the first time ever in 2028 – and Travis Kelce (left) is desperate to get involved

Five new sports have been added to the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, including flag football

While he admits he may be too old to play, Kelce wants to be on Team USA in some capacity

Yet during the latest episode of his New Heights podcast with brother Jason, 35, the 34-year-old admitted he may be too old to play.

‘2028… we’re gonna be long gone,’ he said. 

Jason then mentioned Gronkowski, 34, who has spoken of his own desire to play: ‘I don’t wanna speak for Gronk, but Gronk’s probably gonna be a little bit old too at that point.’

Travis continued: ‘Me and Gronk are the same age, so we’re all gonna be in the same boat in that regard. 

‘I think we’re all just gonna be assistant coaches or some s***. But I need a f****ng gold medal, so I need to be on that roster somehow or someway.’

The 2028 Games will take place over the summer, meaning current players would be unavailable for their respective NFL training camps should they be permitted to play.

NFL executive Peter O’Reilly said earlier this month that the organization will work with the player’s union on allowing both current and former players to participate, admitting the Olympics is the ‘pinnacle’ of sport.

O’Reilly said: ‘Ultimately, that decision on the makeup of Team USA is a decision of USA Football and the national governing body or the governing bodies around the world in similar roles because we are thinking about Team USA, but there are also a lot of other passports in the NFL — 113 foreign-born players on NFL rosters as of Week 5. 

Kelce was speaking with his brother Jason (left) on their latest New Heights podcast episode

The Kansas City Chiefs star has been dominating headlines amid his romance with Taylor Swift

‘So, that opportunity for athletes to represent their countries, we understand the desire, what they have spoken out about and what we will continue to do is work with the players, [NFL] Players Association and the clubs in the time ahead to determine the process and then work with USA Football and IFAF [International Federation of American Football] on that.’

Regardless of the number of foreign players currently plying their trade in the NFL, Kelce believes flag football in 2028 will be a one-sided affair in the USA’s favor. 

‘Yeah, we’re going to absolutely smoke everyone,’ he concluded. ‘Like, who has a chance?

‘I’m actually surprised that this is becoming an Olympic sport, because I would like to just see what flag football looks like in other countries right now. 

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