Virat Kohli accused of ‘dirty’ act on India team-mate during Cricket World Cup

India captain Virat Kohli has been accused of doing his team-mate, Suryakumar Yadav, 'dirty', during their Cricket World Cup clash against New Zealand.

On Sunday, India defeated New Zealand by four wickets, with Kohli leading the charge by scoring 95 off 104 balls. So far, Kohli and co have won all five of their matches at the World Cup and sit top of the table after their win over New Zealand, who sit second.

However, eyebrows were raised during India's innings when the skipper, who could have matched Sachin Tendulkar's record of 49 one-day international centuries had he scored five more runs, left Yadav stranded, leading to him being run out.

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In the 34th over of the action at the HPCA Stadium in Dharamshala, Yadav's shot from a Trent Boult delivery saw both he and Kohli leave their crease to try and pick up a run. But, when Kohli spotted New Zealand's Mitchell Santner's quick reaction, he retreated immediately.

That then left Yadav, who had fully committed to the run, in no-mans land. Santner threw the ball to Boult, who then rolled it to wicketkeeper Tom Latham who took the bails off. Of course, the reality is Kohli was the far more dangerous of the two batsmen at the crease for India, making his 'sacrificing' of Yadav understandable.

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However, that did not stop fans on social media calling out Kohli for his selfishness. One fan wrote: "This guy is so selfish man."

A second added: "Kohli did him dirty here." A third said: "People finally realising now…he just always plays for personal milestones."

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But there were also those who could understand Kohli's retreat, with one fan commenting: "he made his team win that's what matter in the end." A second agreed writing: "He knew only he had capabilities of finishing this game so thats why sky gave up."

And a third said: "I can definitely say if Virat was out there, the game would have been over." India return to action on Sunday later this week when they take on England.

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