Miracles at the World Cup

You can compare the successes of teams for a long time, count the number of stars, compare quotes and memorize the list of bookmakers’ favorites, but the world championship will still surprise you.

This is the only football event where you can bet “on the contrary” and win. Or just hope your favorite team wins no matter what. All this can be realized if скачат an excellent betting application.

So who surprised you the most at the World Championships?

Incredible Costa Rica

Representatives of this country have very clearly proved that football should be loved, and not yourself in football and millions. The Costa Ricans came to the 1990 World Cup for the first time. The composition of the athletes was simply amazing: there were not only pros, but even amateurs in it. Everyone lived a daily life, worked in various specialties, and football was a hobby.

And here is the sensation:

  • 2:1 victory over Sweden
  • 1:0 triumph over Scotland.

It didn’t work out that way with Brazil, but they held out very well – 1:0. That is, the “team of the neighboring yard” reached the playoffs.

Nothing special happened at the next Worlds, as they say, no luck with the groups. And then came 2014. This time the draw was “fantastically successful”: England, Italy and Uruguay. All bettors and bookmakers, as well as the group members, have already registered these 3 teams in absentia for the victory. But then the trash began:

  • Uruguay was the first to get dealt with an insulting 3:0;
  • then Italy disgraced 1:0;
  • Wake up from fantasies, England managed to get off with a draw 0:0.

Would you bet on such match results? How about reaching the quarterfinals? But fans of Costa Rica got rich on betting companies, well, those who bet. These are interesting for every world championship.

Cameroon: no money for a hotel and want to go home

Again, the bright 1990 World Cup. Together with Costa Rica, Cameroon also sparkled. Early on, there was a spectacular playoff run, including a win over reigning world champions Argentina. Then the passage to the ¼ finals. The match with England ends with a penalty shoot-out, in which the Cameroonians surrender. Do you think it’s because of the awe of Britain? No, they were simply informed by the National Football Federation that if they made it to the semi-finals, they would live on the street, there was no money for a hotel. In general, it’s time to go home.

The 2002 World Cup Quarter-final: breaking the mold

Simultaneously with Germany, England, Spain and Brazil, teams from the USA, Turkey, South Korea and the World Cup debutant Senegal entered it. If someone managed to guess such a combination, then he got rich and ruined some bookmakers.

I would like everything to be just as unusual in Qatar, and the intrigue remained until the last matches.