Danis tells court Agdal posts were 'comedy' to promote Paul fight

Dillon Danis says Nina Agdal posts before Logan Paul fight were ‘parody and ‘comedy’ as MMA star claims he was playing ‘bad guy’ role in court docs after being sued

  • Danis was disqualified during his bitter showdown with Paul on October 14
  • The MMA star now faces a lawsuit from Agdal after his pre-fight taunting of her
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Dillon Danis has defended his social-media trolling of Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal by claiming he was taking on the role of the ‘bad guy’ to promote their fight earlier this month.

Danis, who was disqualified for attempting two jiu-jitsu takedowns during his boxing showdown with Paul on October 14, frequently targeted Agdal in the leadup to the bout, with a number of his posts on X (formerly Twitter) going viral.

The MMA star shared several explicit pictures of his rival’s fiancée – some of which appeared to be edited – along with snaps of her cozying up to previous partners.

And just over a month before the fight, he took his personal attacks to a new level by releasing a clip of Agdal discussing her sexual cravings to his one-million followers.

Agdal responded by suing Danis last month, claiming her partner’s upcoming opponent had posted ‘despicable’ things about her on the internet on more than 250 occasions.

Dillon Danis has defended his trolling of Logan Paul ‘s fiancée Nina Agdal as ‘comedy’

Danis was disqualified for attempting two jiu-jitsu takedowns during his boxing showdown with Paul on October 14

He now faces a lawsuit from his rival’s fiancée Agdal for targeting her with frequent social-media posts in the leadup to the fight

The Sports Illustrated model accused him of ‘humiliation, emotional distress, and reputational harm’, singling out one particular post on August 11 which violated federal and state law.

However, almost two weeks on from his disqualification defeat by Paul, Danis has told a court that his incessant trolling of Agdal were meant to be taken as a joke.

In court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Conor McGregor’s sparring partner defended his behavior online as ‘parody, satire, comedy, farce or opinions’ to promote the fight in Manchester.

He also claims nude and semi-nude photos of Agdal are available for anyone to access on the internet, while stressing that his comments about her are protected by the First Amendment given they are simply his opinion.

Danis is now ready to defend his goading of Agdal in court and is even demanding a jury trial.

The 30-year-old extended a rare compliment to Paul by commending his ‘smart’ use of Vaseline in his chaotic defeat to the WWE star.

Throughout the bout, Danis fell well short of his billing – and pre-match taunting – after landing just nine punches in the course of the whole contest.

But Danis claims he was simply taking on the ‘bad guy’ role to promote his fight with Paul

But Danis, who threw himself at Paul’s legs having already attempted a jiu-jitsu move by going for his opponent’s neck, insisted he was happy with his performance. 

And he put forward a curious reason why his unorthodox late-round manoeuvre proved unsuccessful. 

‘I wasn’t actually trying to but he was smart and he Vaselined his head up.’ He said on Piers Morgan Uncensored. ‘So I guess he knew I was going for his neck but at that moment I actually wasn’t.

‘I was grabbing his head and he just kind of shrugged me and with the Vaseline and then he threw that punch and I up-kicked him.’

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