Ronda Rousey explains plan to quit WWE and what she wants to do in the future

Ronda Rousey revealed on Total Divas that she’s planning on having a baby with husband Travis Browne, months on from her last appearance in WWE at WrestleMania.

The former UFC joined WWE in 2018 and was involved in huge storylines during her time with the professional wrestling company.

Her journey culminated in being part of the first ever women’s main event at WrestleMania in April.

Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte were involved in a triple-threat match, which Lynch won by pinning the ex-UFC bantamweight world champion.

But since then, Rousey has taken a hiatus from WWE TV and recently revealed on E!’s Total Divas that she was doing so in order to start a family with fellow athlete Browne, who also fought in the UFC.

“I made a decision about my future and life and everything,” Rousey told Natalya.

“In a strange way, I feel like my job is done.

“I’m gonna do everything that I can to bring a spotlight to the women’s Evolution.

“Then, I’m gonna go have a baby.

“We don’t need to make money or have to go to work. I’m purely leaving my family to go and have a good time.

“I have the most amazing home life every, I love my husband, my home life and my kids.

“I think after Mania, we’re gonna start trying to have a baby.”

CM Punk recently made a return to WWE, following his venture into UFC as a welterweight fighter.

And UFC legend Cain Velasquez also made his debut in WWE, when he took on Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

It’s unclear if Rousey plans to return to WWE at some point, but if her conversation with Natalya is anything to go by: don’t expect it any time soon.

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