Wayne Rooney and Ferguson screamed at each other in matches – and boss loved it

England’s greatest-ever goal-scorer Wayne Rooney has revealed how he and Sir Alex Ferguson used to have enormous shouting matches with each other during Manchester United games.

The Evertonian made over 400 appearances under Fergie at United until the Scot’s eventual retirement in 2013.

And despite their productive relationship winning titles together, and with Fergie’s management helping Rooney to become the top all-time goal-scorer for the club, he has revealed how the pair’s infamous tempers often clashed.

Appearing on the Tony Bellew Is Angry podcast, Rooney has shared how Sir Alex used to attempt to tap into his anger, saying: “With Fergie, he loved it.

“He’d go at me at half-time on purpose, and my head would be getting redder, I’d be screaming at him.

“Eventually, you say something you regret. Or if it’s something on the street or on a night out, you do something you regret because it just gets the better of you.

“You make bad decisions when you’re angry, whether you might go and punch someone, you might say something that you don’t want to say.”

Rooney also revealed that his trademark attempts at scoring from the half-way line were one of the things that used to grate on Sir Alex the most.

“I see it as a chance to score, from the half-way line," he continued. "I know not many players see that.

“Alex Ferguson, actually, used to absolutely destroy me. Every game I’d be trying to score from the half-way line and it doesn’t always work out.

“He used to come in and say, ‘what are you doing going for it from the half-way line, just pass it’!

“I’m like, ‘watch, one day it’s going to come off’.”

Rooney went on to score from the half-way line three times in his career. The first time was in a 2-0 win at West Ham United for the Red Devils. He followed this up with a strike for Everton against the same opponents in 2017, rounding off his hat-trick. The final goal came from 70 yards when he was playing in the US for DC United in 2017.

On the same podcast episode, Rooney also revealed how Fergie had “jumped over a desk” to try and fight Roy Keane the day before the Irish midfielder left United.

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