Strangest items for sale at Premier League club shops including coffee machine

From coffee machines to robots and toothbrushes to coat hangers, Premier League clubs offer a strange variety of items in their shops.

All branded and packaged in club colours and with badges plastered over them, it seems Premier League outfits are keen to cash in on everything, and clearly anything, they can.

There are plenty of weird and wonderful items for sale up and down the country, and a number have missed out on Starsport’s list of the 12 strangest.

But here are those items in all their glory, or is it shame? We will let you be the judge of that.

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Arsenal – Gunnersaurus twinpack toothbrush

We get it’s for the kids, and we all know how difficult it can be to get children to brush their teeth, but Oral B have got this area covered.

To get Gunnersaurus involved in this health kick makes it all the stranger.

A plain toothbrush with an Arsenal crest may not have made it onto this list, but the little green dinosaur pushes us over the edge.

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Burnley – Salt and pepper pots

No dinner table is complete without a salt and pepper set, but it’s surely taking things that little bit too far if all you can think about while seasoning your food is the Clarets.

Annoyingly, they’re only available in one size so you won’t see a giant Burnley pepper grinder at your local Italian.

Chelsea – Baubles

Who even decorates their tree in a royal blue? And to sell them in a ten pack?

One shiny ball would be bad enough, but ten?! Just bizarre.

Please don’t invite me for Christmas if they are on your tree. Or if you’ve got anything that shade of blue, really.

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Leicester City – His & Her flannels

You’re over your Leicester City supporting friends house and need to pop to the bathroom. You walk in and see these hanging over the side of the bath.

Not sure about you, but I’m walking straight out of that house.

There’s just no need. We can understand putting a club branded beach towel on your sunbed in sunny Spain, but the flannels just don’t make sense.

Liverpool – Pram

Get your baby a bib, or even a club-branded onesie, but leave the pram to one side.

There may be a few more items available to buy from the Anfield megastore come the summer with Jurgen Klopp’s side closing in on the Premier League title.

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Manchester City – Robot

The only part about this robot that is Manchester City branded is the selection of City stars on the box.

It’s got blue eyes, but apart from that, we have no idea why this is for sale from the Etihad.

At £500, you’ll have to decide between a robot or a season ticket. Judging by Pep Guardiola’s recent comments, some have picked the robot.

Manchester United – Coffee machine

Is there anybody other than Ed Woodward with one of these in their houses? At £430, you must really like coffee if you do.

You can save around £200 if you want the machine without the United badge.

But we guess Red Devils fans need something to cheer them up the morning after a match this season.

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Newcastle United – Coat hangers

We know it gets cold on Tyneside, and that some fans will be wearing plenty of layers, but what’s wrong with a normal set of coat hangers for your five sweatshirts?

We admire your dedication to the Magpies if the need for Newcastle coat hangers is that strong.

Norwich City – Tambourine

If there’s one thing that doesn’t need to be branded by a Premier League club, it’s a musical instrument.

A tambourine is barely that, really what tune can you make? But this pink monstrosity is on sale at Carrow Road.

For some reason, it’s currently on sale at just 50p. Having previously been £4. FOUR POUNDS.

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Tottenham Hotspur – Wet wipes

I’ve got a bit of dirt on my hands and need to get clean… I know, I’ll head to Tottenham for some wet wipes.

We have no idea either why Spurs sell these, or who would buy them.

Maybe they’re to help Harry Kane, Dele Alli and company to clean their boots. Who knows.

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Watford – Tape measure

Forget B&Q (other DIY stores are available), head to Vicarage Road for that last little bit of your toolkit.

What other reason can there be for selling this other than just so you can remember which football team you support while you check whether the wardrobe is the right size and whether it will fit in that gap.

West Ham United – Egg cup with hat

The egg cup is fine in the scheme of things, but we can’t work out what the tiny bobble hat is for.

Is it to keep your egg warm? Is to protect your fingers? We just don’t know.

Either way, it’s a bit strange and Starsport will not be buying one.

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