Peter Crouch on the boozy London trip that landed him in hot water

‘It’s absolutely ridiculous… I’m not proud of it’: Peter Crouch opens up on boozy London trip with Gareth Barry and Lee Hendrie that left two of them in hot water with Aston Villa boss Graham Taylor, but ‘golden boy Gaz’ escaped manager’s wrath!

  • Peter Crouch has opened up on a night out with Lee Hendrie and Gareth Barry
  • The trio were Aston Villa team-mates at the time and spent a night in London 
  • When boss Graham Taylor got wind of the antics, Crouch was called to his office

Peter Crouch has opened up on a boozy trip to London during his playing days that landed him and Aston Villa team-mates in hot water with the great Graham Taylor.

The former England striker got his Premier League break at Villa Park after joining the Midlands outfit from Portsmouth for £5million in 2002.

He scored on his debut against Newcastle as he was introduced to life in England’s top flight for the first time. 

Peter Crouch has opened up on the time that a boozy weekend landed him in the boss’s office

Crouch was playing for Aston Villa when he spent a weekend in London with two team-mates 

Crouch, Lee Hendrie (second left) and Gareth Barry (second right) were close at Aston Villa 

He was also introduced to nights out with some of the country’s brightest stars, and the 39-year-old has revealed how one of those trips alongside Lee Hendrie and Gareth Barry after a game led to a meeting in the manager’s office early on the Monday morning. 

‘We were in London but we’d stayed down after a game. Two players stayed down with me – Lee Hendrie and Gareth Barry,’ he said on the BBC’s That Peter Crouch podcast.

‘We had a night out then the next day we played a drinking game. Whoever lost had to go round the pub and pretend to be a dog. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I’m not proud of it.

‘We didn’t know but there was someone that the manager knew in the bar, who had called him. All of our phones started blowing up saying we had a meeting with Graham Taylor on the Monday.’ 

Taylor called in Crouch and Hendrie after being made aware of their shenanigans in London

Talking on the reception he got in the manager’s office at the beginning of the week, Crouch revealed: ‘He said we were behaving like idiots, which we were.

‘He called me and Lee Hendrie in, he said to us: “It’s a disgrace. What are you playing at?”. He said: “Why can’t you be more like Gareth Barry?”. 

‘We were like: “Yeah, we should be. You’re right”. 

‘I was dying to go: “He was ******* sitting right next to us the whole time that we were there”. We couldn’t drop Gaz in it. Gaz was the golden boy.’

Crouch left Villa Park in 2004, heading to Southampton, while Barry stayed at the club until joining Manchester City in 2009.

Barry hasn’t always been able to escape controversy since, however. The midfielder was part of the quartet of West Brom players forced to apologise in 2018 for stealing a taxi in Barcelona during a squad break. 

Crouch was told to be more like Gareth Barry – his Aston Villa and future England team-mate

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