Liverpool to foot the biggest share of coronavirus bill

Liverpool to foot the biggest share of coronavirus bill as Premier League set out how £330m repayment will be paid among clubs after three-month suspension of football… while Arsenal will have to pay more than Spurs despite finishing EIGHTH!

  • The Premier League has set out how a £330m rebate will be repaid by clubs 
  • Broadcast partners will receive the payment after the suspension of football 
  • Liverpool face a £17.3m loss while Manchester City will pay £16.8m 
  • Arsenal will pay £15m which is £200,000 more than north London rivals Spurs 

Liverpool will have to pay back more than any other Premier League club as the top flight foots the coronavirus bill from broadcasters. 

All 20 Premier League clubs have to repay the £330m they were told they needed to pay the league’s broadcast partners as a result of the three-month suspension of football.  

And last season’s champions Liverpool face a £17.3m cut in television revenue, pocketing £143.8m instead of a forecast £161.6m, the Premier League’s 2020-21 handbook states. 

Liverpool will have to pay the biggest chunk of a £330million rebate payment to broadcasters

The Premier League’s broadcast partners are owed the amount after the suspension of football

Manchester City, who finished runners-up to Jurgen Klopp’s side, are set to repay the next biggest bill of £16.8m, taking their earnings from £156.7m to £139.9m. 

On average, most clubs will have to repay around 10 per cent of their total broadcast earnings, with the proportion paid back decreasing for the teams that finished lower in the league.

It means that Norwich City, who finished 20th last season, will see their earnings drop from £95.2m to £88.1m, representing a 7.5 per cent loss. 

Manchester City will pay the second-largest amount, set to be around £16.8million

Arsenal will have to repay more than Wolves and Spurs despite finishing below them

Meanwhile, the trio of promoted clubs this season will not have to pay anything back until next season, when their broadcast earnings are accounted for and they’ll have to pay £8.4m each. The same applies for the three clubs that are promoted from the Championship next season.

The Big Six are most seriously affected by the coronavirus bill, with Arsenal expected to pay £15m – which is more than Wolves – despite the fact Nuno Espirito Santo’s side finished above them last season.

The Gunners £15m bill is also slightly dearer than north London rivals Spurs, who will have to pay back £14.8m. 

The same applies for Chelsea who, despite finishing below Manchester United will lose £16.3m while United will lose £16.2m.  

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