Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher ‘lost it’ at Kenny Dalglish after being benched

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher’s temper was well known during his playing days, and now he’s revealed “the angriest he’s ever been”, when he directed a rant at then-manager Kenny Dalglish.

A cult figure at the Merseyside club, Dalglish returned to manage Liverpool in 2011 at the same time Carragher was reaching the end of his playing career.

'King Kenny' had mixed success in his second spell with the club, winning the league cup, and reaching the FA Cup final. But this was clouded by poor results in the league and a failure to qualify for the Champions League.

Now, looking back on those final playing days, Carragher, who has now found success as a Sky Sports pundit, has revealed how his frustration at being left out of the team reached melting point.

Asked by boxer Tony Bellew on his ‘Tony Bellew is Angry’ podcast to reveal the story behind the angriest he’s ever been, Carra replied: “It was to do with Kenny Dalglish, so I’m keeping this all Liverpool.

“I’d been out of the team for two or three months. I was coming to the end. Agger and Skrtel were playing, and it was hard, but I’d never once knocked on Kenny’s door and said, ‘why aren’t I playing?’

“Because I thought, ‘you know what, they should be playing ahead of me, I’ll just train every day’, and I trained every day, really good attitude, never complained to anyone."

He explained how he managed to work his way back into the team, before right-back Glen Johnson got injured in an away game at QPR, forcing Jamie to play in this less familiar position.

Jamie remembered that they ended up losing the game, with all of the goals coming through the middle, so he was surprised when Kenny pointed the finger of blame at him.

“So we’re playing three or four days later and Kenny pulled me into the office and was like, ‘you’re not playing’,” he continued.

“And I was thinking, I’ve been out of the team for three or four months, I move position after five minutes because someone got injured… I’ve actually done you a favour by moving position.

“I was that speechless and stunned that I never said anything, and I went back out and it was one of those where you think ‘I can’t leave it at that’.

“So I went back up, and just lost it a bit. Kenny didn’t get involved or argue, it was just me venting what I’d built up for a few months.”

The defender acknowledged that his conduct fell below the high standards he set himself, but admitted he struggled to separate the emotion from his sport.

“I phoned him up after the game and apologised, because I shouldn’t be speaking to the manager or Kenny Dalglish like that,” he noted.

“I am an emotional person, especially when it comes to football.”

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