Klopp takes swipe at Abramovich's 'successful or you're out' mantra

Jurgen Klopp takes a swipe at Roman Abramovich’s ‘successful or you’re out’ mantra after Frank Lampard’s sacking and says Chelsea squad is a ‘present’ for new boss Thomas Tuchel

  • Thomas Tuchel was confirmed as Frank Lampard’s replacement on Tuesday
  • Jurgen Klopp has conceded he feels for Lampard following his sacking this week
  • He believes former PSG boss Tuchel is inheriting a strong squad at Chelsea 

Jurgen Klopp took aim at Roman Abramovich’s ‘successful or you’re out’ policy towards his Chelsea managers following Frank Lampard’s sacking this week.

Lampard was shown the door on Monday with the Blues ninth in the Premier League, and was swiftly replaced by Thomas Tuchel.

Though Klopp believes the former PSG boss has inherited a gift of a squad at Chelsea following their spending spree last summer, he believes the removal of Lampard was harsh. 

Jurgen Klopp said on Wednesday that he had no advice for new Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel

Frank Lampard (left) was sacked this week with Thomas Tuchel (right) swiftly taking his place

The Liverpool manager said on Wednesday: ‘Obviously two things happened, Frank Lampard lost his job and that’s really a tough one to be honest. 

‘Chelsea did an incredible job in the market and things like this need time, it’s normal. It’s really harsh to make the decision that early but obviously Mr Abramovich gives you chances and money but isn’t the most patient in the world. 

‘I really feel for Frank because he’s a young, talented manager but it’s a hard one if it’s your club. The story is over now and he can go everywhere and be fresh without history.

‘For Tuchel, unfortunately a really good manager who I respect a lot! This Chelsea squad is a present eh, and I am sure Thomas sees it like that.’

Klopp took aim at Roman Abramovich’s approach of ‘successful or you’re out’ to his managers

Klopp believes that his countryman has inherited a ‘present’ of a squad at Chelsea

Tuchel, who followed Klopp at both Mainz and Borussia Dortmund, has inherited an underperforming squad following a £250m spend last summer.

He got straight to work at the training ground on Tuesday night after signing an 18-month contract ahead of his first game in charge against Wolves on Wednesday.

Klopp did not have any advice for his countryman, but suggested that he will find it hard to please the owner as the 13th manager he has appointed in 18 years. 

‘I don’t have his actual number so I can’t text him but no advice necessary from my side’, he continued.

‘I have been lucky with my clubs, Mainz everyone wanted to do well, same at Dortmund and same at Liverpool. Why did I get time? Directors and owners thought we were doing the right thing. 

‘How many coaches did Chelsea have in the last 15 years? There you are successful or out, that’s the mantra. 

Klopp said Lampard had ‘a lot to learn’ after they clashed on the touchline last season

‘I have nothing to do with that but I say plenty of times I was lucky with the clubs I have had. For Frank, everything will be fine. The football people out there, if they saw what Chelsea played last year, they had a clear plan. 

‘He’s a young manager and did a lot of really good stuff. He will be back soon and he will get more time.’

Klopp and Lampard clashed on the touchline last summer, with the Liverpool boss hitting back at claims that his side were arrogant and saying the former Chelsea man ‘has a lot to learn.’ 

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