Kamara admits women ask him to sign their bras and says life has ‘no downsides’

Saucy women ask Chris Kamara to sign their bras.

The presenter, 64, is so grateful to have fans, he’s happy to do it. He told the Daily Star: “The public are so nice to me.

“People often ask me for a photo or to sign things. The weirdest thing I’ve been asked to sign is bras. How do you show that to someone?

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“I get recognised everywhere these days. Unfortunately I’ve got one of those faces that can’t be mistaken! The weirdest place I’ve been recognised was in Las Vegas.

“There was a bloke on the street with a dummy and he recognised me. He’d spent three years in London studying at college and watched a lot of football, so he knew me from that.” Kammy has vowed to always make time for his fans.

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He added: “When I was a kid, a Middlesbrough player didn’t stop to do an autograph for me. Since that day, I vowed that if I ever became famous, I would always stop for people, and I do.

“I’m always happy to see fans. There are no downsides to my life.” The former Sky Sports Soccer Saturday icon may have to give himself plenty of time to get to A and B as he is so often recognised.

In October, his Ninja Warrior co-presenter hinted this was the case, by comparing his popularity and notoriety to that of pop star Justin Bieber. She told the Daily Star: "When I’m out and about with Chris in Manchester, it feels like I’m out with Justin Bieber.

"When we leave the hotel to go to film, you hear fans shouting, 'Kammy, Kammy, Kammy'. They come over to us to get photos. They’ll say to me, 'Rochelle, can you take a picture of us?"

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