Jamie Carragher horrified Torres by ‘two-footing’ youngster after training jibe

Ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has shared the story of one of his infamous meltdowns, when he “two-footed” a younger player after he mouthed off to him during training.

Carragher stayed with Liverpool throughout his career, working his way up from the youth ranks before making more than 700 appearances for the Merseyside club until his retirement in 2013.

He back on his footballing life,and reflected on his well-known hot temper on boxer Tony Bellew's podcast – including an outburst directed at Kenny Dalglish.

Another incident, Carra recalled, took place when younger player Nathan Eccleston mouthed off at him during a training session.

“We were doing the boxes when someone is in the middle, and when you’re one of the older players you’re telling a young lad to get in if it’s between the two of you," Carragher explained.

“And he had a little pipe back, and all the lads went ‘wheeyy’, and started laughing.

“We were then going into a game, 11 v 11, and all I’m thinking is, ‘he’s a centre-forward and I’m a centre-back, please don’t be on my team."

Jamie remembered that the bibs were given out and his wish was granted when he found himself lining up against the cheeky younger forward, enabling him to take revenge.

“I’ve thought, I don’t want to go looking for him, I’ve got to wait to make sure I get him, because if I do something and don’t get him then I’ll look stupid,” he continued.

“So there was about 10 minutes to go in this game and the ball’s got played down the line. Normally I’d come across and cover it, but I thought, ‘I’ll let him go’.

“So I’m then behind him and he’s running towards the corner flag, and I’ve just jumped two foot into the back of his achilles.

“And Torres went ‘what the f***’s going on?’ He was like a lunatic, and the game just stopped."

And despite the obvious recklessness of his challenge, Carra revealed that he got away without any punishment.

“I was at that stage when no one could really anything to me too much, even the manager, I was a bit like, ‘I don’t give a f***’,” he added.

“He won’t say that again will he?”

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