Ian Wright calls for Bruno Fernandes' penalty style to be BANNED

Ian Wright calls for Bruno Fernandes’ jumping penalty technique to be BANNED after he used it twice during win over West Brom as Arsenal legend insists the spot-kick style favoured by Jorginho isn’t ‘fair’ on goalkeepers

  • Manchester United beat West Brom 1-0 thanks to Bruno Fernandes’ penalty goal
  • He jumped in his run-up causing Sam Johnstone to stray from his line too early
  • Johnstone’s initial save was disregarded and Fernandes took another penalty
  • Fernandes scored on his second attempt but Ian Wright says his run-up is ‘unfair’
  • He claims a jump in the air makes it harder for goalkeepers to time their dive

Ian Wright has called for Bruno Fernandes’ jumping penalty-taking technique to be banned. 

Wright says it is ‘unfair’ on goalkeepers as a stuttering run-up, combined with a jump in the air makes it harder for them to time their dive.

Wright’s voiced his opinion shortly after Fernandes used the tactic twice to score the only goal in the Red Devil’s game against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday.

Ian Wright has called on Premier League chiefs to prevent players jumping in penalty run-ups

Wright has stated that the tactic deployed by Bruno Fernandes is ‘unfair on goalkeepers’ 

Manchester United were awarded a penalty in the 56th minute of their Premier League clash with West Brom.

Baggies’ first-choice goalkeeper Sam Johnstone palmed Fernandes’ first shot away, but was penalised for straying off his line during the midfielders run-up.

Subsequently Fernandes was awarded another attempt and found the net to see United secure their first home win of the 2020-2021 season.

Wright has, however, called for Premier League officials to intervene as he claims such run-ups are ‘unfair’ on goalkeepers.

‘It is [difficult for goalkeepers],’ Wright said on BBC’s Match of the Day.

Fernandes’ technique allows him to have an idea of which direction the goalkeeper will go 

He says the style – also favoured by Jorginho – prevents goalkeepers from timing their dive

‘And then you’ve got forwards jumping up, doing this, doing that sort of stuff and the goalie can’t move his foot off.

‘They should stop people jumping and that, they should have to make a full… just run at the ball and hit it. If they can move and the goalies can’t, that’s not fair.’

When asked by fellow pundit Gary Lineker: ‘Are you going to have a law that says you can’t jump?’ 

Wright replied saying: ‘Yeah, you have to go straight through your penalty run-up, no jumping.’

Fernandes is not the only Premier League player to use the tactic to deceive the opposing goalkeeper. 

Chelsea’s Jorginho is an advocate of the tactic – even though both players have missed from the spot this season while using the ‘jumping style.’ 

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