England fans take aim at Southgate for failing to make substitutions

Furious England fans take aim on social media at Gareth Southgate for failing to make any substitutions before Poland’s equaliser – saying he has ‘no clue’ and slamming decision as ‘poor game management’

  • England made no substitutions in their World Cup qualifying draw with Poland 
  • Gareth Southgate opted against fresh legs before Poland’s stoppage-time goal 
  • Furious supporters quickly took to social media to question Southgate’s choice
  • Post-match, Southgate had defended his decision with his side in ‘total control’

Frustrated England supporters have hit out at Gareth Southgate for failing to make any substitutions in the Three Lions’ World Cup qualifying draw with Poland. 

Southgate’s side were ultimately left disappointed in Warsaw after conceding a stoppage-time leveller, and his choice not to bring on fresh legs has been criticised.

Some Twitter users have even accused of him of having ‘no clue’ how to use his bench, and believe his decision was ‘poor game management’.

Gareth Southgate has been criticised on social media for failing to bring on any substitutes

In total, England made 11 changes from the weekend’s victory over Andorra, with the players who defeated Hungary 4-0 recalled.

But the visitors laboured in a feisty atmosphere, despite taking the lead through Harry Kane’s thumping strike from distance in the second half.

They then found themselves penned in around their penalty area, leading to Damian Szymanski heading in Robert Lewandowski’s delivery at the far post to seal a point.

Damian Szymanski nodded in at the back post to hand Poland a late point against England

Poland, meanwhile, used all five of their available substitutes and finished the tie as the dominant team.

As a result, it didn’t take long for irked spectators to take to social media to express their anger at Southgate’s approach.

‘Southgate clearly has no clue when it comes to substitutes,’ one user said. ‘England been crying out for fresh legs last 10-15. Never make changes.’

Another posted: ‘Gareth Southgate not using a single substitute after 91 minutes and holding a one goal lead whilst having the strongest English bench in history.’

Meanwhile, a third declared: ‘Southgate must be the most substitute-averse manager I can recall.’ 

England’s 100 per cent record in World Cup qualifying was ended after the draw in Warsaw


Supporters then quickly took to social media to declare that Southgate ‘clearly has no clue’

‘Again Southgate does not bring on a substitute when players are clearly tired and giving the ball away,’ another said, referencing the Euro 2020 heartbreak.

‘It cost them in the final and it’s cost them now. Infuriating.’ 

‘0 substitutes in 91 minutes btw, in any game you should make changes, but there’s not been a single player on that pitch that has played well for us,’ a fifth wrote.

‘Christ, Southgate has lost the plot.’ 

A sixth said: ‘England will never win anything with Southgate in charge, not putting on substitutes is absolutely criminal. 

‘The players were dead on their feet from the 80th minute onwards.’

England’s players looked dejected after they conceded the dramatic stoppage-time equaliser

Southgate, however, defended his decision and says he opted against changes because he believed England were ‘in total control’.

He said: ‘We were in total control and to bring players into that moment when everyone was performing to a good level and we were controlling possession, that can put players in who have had to sit in stand and not so easy.

‘There were a couple of times when we looked at it but we were doing well, no problems. We were going to refresh the wide players to run the clock down but we conceded before we could get them on. 

‘That is not a good moment then to make changes.’ 

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