BT Sport and Sky Sports urged to reconsider price of Premier League pay-per-view fixtures on TV

BT Sport and Sky Sports have been urged to reconsider the £14.95 price to watch Premier League games on pay-per-view from next week.

At least 14 games from now until the end of October will only be available on BT Sport Box Office and Sky Sports Box Office. Current Sky Sports and BT Sport subscribers will not be entitled to any discount and nor will club season-ticket holders.

In a statement, the Football Supporters’ Association said: “We’ve … already heard from many supporters and FSA members who are concerned about the £15 per game being charged and we’d urge BT Sport and Sky Sports to reconsider their pricing for these games.”

The FSA has been lobbying the Premier League for every match to be broadcast live on UK television while games remain behind closed doors.

It added: “Today’s announcement [ by the Premier League] shows that fan power works. At the start of this season the Premier League and its broadcasters had planned to leave match-going fans entirely locked out of their side’s matches; now thanks to the sustained pressure of our #LetUsWatch campaign all games will be available for fans.

“Many Premier League clubs have already taken money from fans, particularly season ticket holders, for matches they can’t attend so we urge them to get refunds out to those supporters as soon as possible.”

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