Alexander-Arnold reveals he did not want to go to Liverpool's parade

Trent Alexander-Arnold reveals he did not want to go to Liverpool’s trophy parade the day after losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League final… with players thinking it was the ‘wrong idea’ before it started

  • Trent Alexander Arnold revealed that he did not want to go to victory parade
  • It came less than 24 hours after Liverpool lost in the Champions League final 
  • Max Verstappen and Trent Alexander-Arnold met for a chat at the British GP
  • The right-back is a self-confessed Formula One fan and was at Silverstone 

Trent Alexander-Arnold has revealed that he did not want to go Liverpool’s trophy parade the day after their Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid. 

Alexander-Arnold told Red Bull in episode one of the We Go Again series that Jurgen Klopp was influential in getting the players to enjoy their success at the end of the season despite the loss in Paris.

The right-back attended the British Grand Prix last month as a guest of Red Bull at Silverstone, and revealed the details of his day spent in the paddock with the team, as well as how players reacted to their Champions League defeat.

Trent Alexander-Arnold said that none of the players wanted to attend the parade after the loss to Real Madrid

‘We had a party that night [after the loss to Real Madrid]. At that point no one knows how to feel because it hasn’t quite sunk in yet,’ he said. 

‘The manager in those situations parties because he’s like “it’s the end of the season, we might as well”. And he’s trying to encourage us to, giving us little words of motivation. 

‘And everyone was like we can’t quite buy into that right now. How often do you lose a game and then go and party? Then add the fact that it’s the biggest game in club football.’

The defender said the atmosphere after the defeat was weird with the players not knowing how to feel

Alexander-Arnold then revealed that it hit the players when they woke up in Paris, with a few questioning whether they had to go on the parade back in Liverpool that day. 

He said: ‘Alright, we never won. Do we actually need to go on this parade? I think every single player was thinking the same way: this is a bad idea. We won a trophy two weeks and three months ago. Can we start parading it round the city now?

‘Up until we started moving on the bus everybody was like, “this is the wrong idea”. And once it started mate…’

He said of the parade: ‘It was better than when we won [the Champions League in 2019]. The fans weren’t celebrating us winning the Champions League, they were celebrating us as a team. It was so special.’

Alexander-Arnold last month linked up with the F1 World Champion Max Verstappen

Meanwhile, Alexander-Arnold also revealed some of his conversation with Verstappen at Silverstone last month. 

The England international said that the Dutchman told him he was kept up until the early hours inadvertently by Alexander-Arnold as he wanted to secure his ‘card’ on the computer game FIFA. 

‘He told me: I was up at half one the other night on the PlayStation trying to get your new ultimate team card,’ he revealed.

Speaking about his day with Red Bull at Silverstone, Alexander-Arnold said it was one of the best days of his life to date. 

‘That was, easily, top three days of my life. Easily,’ he said. 

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