Wales coach expresses concern over Netflix Six Nations documentary

Warren Gatland expresses concern over Netflix camera crews filming his team behind-the-scenes at the Six Nations… with Wales coach adding ‘the language and phrases used aren’t always appropriate’ in a rugby environment

  • Warren Gatland shared views about lack of editorial control in upcoming series
  • Wales coach is concerned over the presence of Netflix documentary crews
  • Gatland added that certain words used aren’t always appropriate in rugby 

Wales coach Warren Gatland has expressed his concern about having no editorial control in the behind-the-scenes Netflix documentary series.

Cameras will be following teams around throughout the Six Nations for a documentary that will be aired next year.

‘The past experience with the crews we’ve had involved, whether it has been with the Lions or Wales, is their ability to create a relationship with the players and the coaching team is very important,’ Gatland said.

Warren Gatland has expressed his concerns over Netflix camera crews filming behind-the-scenes at the upcoming Six Nations

Netflix are set to film a documentary similar to the hugely popular Drive to Survive F1 series

‘Almost like being invisible so you find yourself just carrying on with your normal routine. You build up trust with them.

‘My understanding is that we don’t have any editorial rights and that is maybe a concern.

‘You want to make sure you’re able to protect yourself because in a rugby environment, when you are talking about creating emotion, the language and the phrases used aren’t always appropriate.’

Gatland expressed the importance of building trust in previous dealings with camera crews with the British and Irish Lions 

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