Vettel moves No 1 bollard away from Hamilton’s Mercedes car in Canada

Furious Sebastian Vettel moves winner’s sign away from rival Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes car as Ferrari driver fumes over controversial time penalty and admits the sport is ‘not the one he fell in love with’

  • Sebastian Vettel was left furious after he had race victory taken away from him
  • The German was slapped with a five-second time penalty which saw him lose
  • Lewis Hamilton was booed on the podium as the two stood in the first place spot
  • Moments earlier Vettel had swapped the No 1 and No 2 bollards to suit his result
  • Vettel has not won a race this year and he accused stewards of ‘stealing’ off him 

Sebastian Vettel fumes that Formula One these days is ‘not the one he fell in love with’ after a controversial time penalty saw victory taken away from him in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix.

The German crossed the line in first after the 70-lap race but was handed a five-second time penalty for squeezing his rival towards the wall on Lap 48 – a call he feels was wrong by the stewards. 

And after storming off – refusing to park his car in the positions allocated to those on the podium – Vettel emerged to swap the No 1 and No 2 signs as he continued to show his annoyance at the result.  

A furious Sebastian Vettel moved a 1st place sign after he saw victory taken off him in Canada

The German refused to park his car in the trio of spots but rearranged signs to reflect his result

He was quickly consoled by colleagues at Ferrari but remained punchy in his press conference

Post-race events were awkward as Lewis Hamilton, who won the race, was roundly booed

Still convinced he was the worthy winner in Montreal, Vettel even took a step up to the No 1 position on the podium as he continued to feel aggrieved at missing out on his first race victory of the season. 

‘I love my racing, I am a purist, I love going back and looking at old times,’ Vettel told reporters in a press conference after the race. 

‘The wording when people come on the radio we sort of have an official language and it is wrong. We should be able to say what we think but we can’t. I don’t like the way the sport is now. It is wrong. It’s racing, it’s common sense. If there is a hazard on track you slow down.  

It was tough for both drivers as Hamilton (right) put his arm around Vettel as he processed it all

Vettel emerged for the podium and stood alongside Hamilton (middle) in the No 1 spot

‘I think Lewis obviously, as I said, I re-joined the track and had to react, I don’t know how close he was. For me, that’s racing and a lot of the people I mentioned earlier, the old F1 drivers, would agree this is part of racing.

‘Nowadays we all sound a bit like lawyers and it gives no edge to people or the sport. Ultimately it is not the sport I grew up watching and loving.’ 

Vettel refused to park his car in the No 2 spot as he jumped out of the cockpit to push it back away from where he needed to be, leaving that spot blank when Hamilton and Leclerc arrived. 

Having rejoined Hamilton and team-mate Charles Leclerc in the podium cool-down room moments before the podium, the trio shared an awkward exchange where the race winner tried to concede he had nothing to do with the decision. 

The big moment came on Lap 48 when Vettel, heading into Turn 3, lost grip on his rear tyres and ran off onto the grass, before quickly returning to the racing line and keeping Hamilton behind him. 

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff threw his arms into the air as he felt the move was illegal and that the Ferrari driver should have conceded first place to Hamilton.  

The tension was clear in the cool-down room after the race as Vettel justified his manouvere

Vettel looked to make a statement at the end as he pushed his car away from its parking spot

‘I had nowhere to go…Where the hell am I supposed to go? I had grass on my wheels. They are stealing the race from us,’ Vettel said over his team radio after the news was relayed to him about the time penalty.

He later added: ‘No, no, no. You need to be an absolute blind man to go through the grass and control the car. This is not fair.’   

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