Some F1 drivers pee in their suits – and Michael Schumacher did it ‘every race’

Formula One drivers have to cope with a lot during the course of the race, from frantic high speeds to extreme g-force and the risk of serious injury if they suffer crashes.

Races can be over in the blink of an eye, with one mistake potentially bringing the end of the outing, so concentration is an art that any F1 driver has to master – but what happens if nature calls when you're halfway round the track?

If you've ever looked at Formula One drivers kitted out in their race suits, locked into the cockpit, and wondered what happens when they need to relieve yourselves, you're not alone as Google's top search return when you enter 'do F1 drivers' finishes the sentence with 'pee'.

So, what's the verdict? Well, simply the answer is yes, they do pee in their suits but many drivers have chosen not to and have been posed the question about their toilet habits previously in their career.

In 2016, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton appeared on American television and was posed the question, where he responded by denying that he has ever done it but did reveal a big secret about his fellow seven-time championship winner Michael Schumacher.

“You’re supposed to go in your suit, but I can’t do it. I’ve never done it. But there are drivers that do. The driver that used to drive for the team, was Michael Schumacher, I don’t know if anyone’s heard of him, but legend racing driver, but my mechanics told me he peed every single time he was in the car.”

Daniel Ricciardo was also posed a similar question in his career, where he said he's never done it but admitted you have to hold on until the end to relieve yourself and that 'every little kerb you hit stings'.

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The Australian opened up more about his habits prior to the Portuguese Grand Prix, where he said: “If you need to go, it just stings. I’ve heard some have gone [during a race], before. One has not. I couldn’t. You know, you’re so tense, it’s just hard to go.

“That’s why all of us, when we get to the grid, we jump out. We’re not going to like, I don’t know, check out Facebook or Instagram or something, we’re going to use the bathroom and try to be not in that predicament come the race. You need to relax! You can’t relax at 300kph! [A pitstop] is too fast [too]. They’re 1.9 seconds.”

For those who do decide to go in their suits, there's only a small period of being uncomfortable due to wetness as it will quickly dry due to the heat within the cockpit and the wind blowing in from the high speeds will also aid the evaporation of the moisture.

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