Mercedes surprise terminally ill child with Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car


World champions Mercedes sent one of their F1 cars to the home of the terminally ill child who Lewis Hamilton described as his Spanish GP victory inspiration.

Five-year-old Harry Shaw, who has a rare form of bone cancer, sent Hamilton a good-luck video message on race day morning ahead of the five-time champion’s win at Barcelona on Sunday.

And on Monday, Mercedes dispatched their car to the Shaw family home with Harry’s father, James, saying it had “provided us with a big boost, and a big smile” at a “tremendously difficult time in our lives”.

Harry was also shown Hamilton’s winner’s trophy from the race.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1 after claiming victory on Sunday, Hamilton had said: “Yesterday was a difficult day, but I arrived today and I got this great message from this young kid called Harry and he just became my spirit, that was my inspiration.

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