Martin Brundle lovingly called Murray Walker ‘daft old sod’ during F1 grid walk

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    Martin Brundle once called fellow F1 commentary legend Murray Walker a “silly old sod” after tracking his ex-broadcasting down during one of his grid walks.

    The pair struck up a wonderful rapport during their five years of commentating together between 1997 and 2001, when ITV held the rights to the sport, as Brundle made an initially reluctant transition from driver to pundit.

    Walker would provide the excited colour commentary while analyst Brundle would often correct his colleague following one of his hilarious slip-ups, which made him beloved by motorsport fans worldwide.

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    Walker, who died two years ago at the age of 97, stayed involved in the sport long after his retirement and was hired by Honda as an ambassador in the mid-2000s when the Japanese manufacture had its own team.

    As part of his role, Walker could stand on the grid before races and one occasion, at the Spanish Grand Prix, he was tracked down by Brundle during a grid walk.

    “There’s another of my teammates on the grid, let’s see if we can find him,” Brundle teed up. “I think he’s keen to have a chat, we haven’t heard from him in a while. Here he is, it’s Muzza. What you doing here, guvnor?”

    Walker replied: “I’m achieving my third ambition on life, to be interviewed on the grid by Martin Brundle.

    “I’m Honda’s Formula 1 ambassador and I’m learning there’s a whole new world on that side [pointing to the pitlane] of the circuit. It’s absolutely sensational, I thought Formula 1 was magic before but now I know it is.”

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    Brundle then jokingly quipped: “I thought you’d retire, you daft old sod, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be on a beach somewhere.

    Walker explained: “The lure of Formula 1 is irresistible. I was out of it for four years doing odds and ends and then I was asked to come back and do one or two things. I’m back and enjoying every second.

    “I’m back with my friends and finding out a whole lot of things I didn’t know before.”


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