Laura Woods in stitches at Ally McCoist’s F1 blunder as he calls sport ‘boring’

Ally McCoist had Laura Woods in stitches as he slammed the "boring" F1 at the weekend – which was actually a replay.

Rangers legend-turned-pundit McCoist thought he was watching a new race when he sat down on his sofa on Sunday (March 26) afternoon, when in fact it was a re-run of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix from the week before that Sky Sports were airing.

Totally unaware of his error, he told talkSPORT co-host Woods this morning: "It's becoming a non-event the Grand Prix, isn't it? Who's coming on today?"

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Woods, who appeared to also be none the wiser, replied: "Have we even got an F1 guest? Have we given up on it already?"

It seems a producer then had a word in McCoist's ear as he continued: "It was, it was Saudi Arabia at the weekend. Was I watching a replay?"

Woods informed him: "No that was two weeks ago, Ally." He exclaimed: "Was it? Was I watching a replay? You're joking!"

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A thoroughly entertained Woods burst into laughter and asked her colleague: "Were you getting really into it as well?"

McCoist, who was also chuckling away, revealed: "Aye, I swear to God I was. I was thinking 'that's brilliant, [Sergio] Perez has won two in a row'.

"The best thing was – in my defence, I didn't watch it all, it was only 25 minutes – I thought, 'this is boring, it's going to be another one-two, which it duly turned out to be."

"Incredibly predictable, because it had already happened," Woods joked. The hilarious exchange was lapped up by listeners on social media, with one writing: "God I love Ally."

"I love this man," echoed a second, while a third commented: "Absolutely radged these two, pure quality."

McCoist will actually be able to watch some live action this coming weekend with the F1 returning after a week off with the Australian Grand Prix, although he'll have to wake up very early to catch the race at 6am in the UK.


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