Lando Norris following footsteps of Lewis Hamilton outside of F1 bubble

F1: Lewis Hamilton shows off his latest talent

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Lando Norris has taken up some new hobbies during lockdown ahead of the Formula One season that got underway in Bahrain on Sunday.

The 21-year-old is already well known, particularly with younger fans, for his activities off track, with his online gaming and live video streaming on social media, like Twitch.

Now the Brit has revealed he’s following in the footsteps of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton by taking up music in his spare time, whilst also launching his own clothing line.

Hamilton has been working on his music for years, and even recorded with superstar Christina Aguilera using the pseudonym ‘XNDA’ for her eighth album, Liberation.

The 36-year-old is thought to have previously worked with Jay Z and Kanye West too, along with many others.

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And Norris admitted there could be a secret musician lurking under all the racing talent, but not one that’ll we’ll see any time soon.

“No, definitely never be on stage,” Lando exclaimed.

“I like music, I really love music to listen to I guess first of all. Any time I go to bed, or I’m annoyed at myself, any time that I’m in the car – I have to listen to music, it’s something I love doing.

“Actually making music is not something I’m good at, it’s not something I’m really interested in, but I wanted to do something at home, especially with lockdown still being in the UK.

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“I wanted to kind of focus on something and have something to think of and focus on.

“At home I have a drumset and I did a lesson with a guy called Josh Devine, who was a drummer for One Direction, and we had a lot of fun with him teaching me, and me learning a few things, which was nice.

“I now know some different beats and so on, I guess I enjoy it and I like it, I don’t really have the passion lets say, to go into music and do something like that.

“Maybe in the future, you never know, but at the moment it’s just something to pass some time and for me to focus on.

“More for if I want to get away from racing and be at home, think about different things, rather than going round in circles and racing in Formula One.

“It’s more of a relaxing thing. Drumming is also like, not so relaxing, but it’s more getting away from Formula One basically. Doing something separate and thinking of something different.”

Norris launched his own esports and content creation team, known as Quadrant last year, and is due to have a line of merchandise released.

However, the McLaren driver was quick to dismiss himself as the next Marc Jacobs.

“I’m not not a fashionista. There’s some things that I like, and some things that I don’t,” explained Norris.

“It’s a clothing line, but it’s not like that’s the only focus. Quadrant is an Esports team with a much longer term goal, so it’s not just a clothing company or anything like that.

“But alongside Quadrant we have the merch so we have our first drop, which is coming soon, first release.

“I’m interested and intrigued by it, and I like it a lot, and I like wearing my own things, which are normally joggers and a jumper kind of thing.

“I like shoes, I guess I’m quite into my shoes and things like that. I have an idea of what I like, I wouldn’t say I’m the most stylish or fashionable person you’ll see walking around but I like certain things, and that will show, and my likes will show in the clothing we have coming out, both next next month, but also throughout the whole year and different releases we’re going to be having and over the next however many years hopefully.

“I’m not a professional in this area, but I have some things, some tastes that I like, so that’s what you’ll see over the year.”

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