F1 team-mate battles: Who’s won for 2020 already and who’s still in it

Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton vs Valtteri Bottas

Hamilton 10-4 Bottas
Best result: Hamilton 1st, Bottas 1st
Poles: Hamilton 9-4 Bottas

Hamilton 11-3 Bottas
Best result: Hamilton 1st, Bottas 1st
Wins: Hamilton 10-2 Bottas
Podiums: Hamilton 12-10 Bottas
Points: Hamilton 307-197 Bottas

Reflecting the outcome of the wider championship battle, all the key metrics are now sown up in Lewis Hamilton’s favour in the Mercedes head-to-head for this year. Bottas’ 10-4 qualifying deficit belies what has often been a very tight battle over a single lap, often decided by a tenth of a second, but what has ultimately told has been Hamilton’s relentlessness and pace over the longer Sunday distance.

Since winning the season-opening race in Austria back in July, Bottas has finished ahead of Hamilton just twice on a Sunday (in a races his team-mate collected penalties) with several lost race leads and three race finishes outside the points, including one DNF at the Nurburgring, leading to a championship challenge that never really gained any momentum.

Ferrari: Sebastian Vettel vs Charles Leclerc

Vettel 3-11 Leclerc
Best result: Vettel 5th, Leclerc 4th
Q3 appearances: Vettel 3-9 Leclerc

Vettel 4-8 Leclerc*
Best result: Vettel 3rd, Leclerc 2nd
Podiums: Vettel 1-2 Leclerc
Points: Vettel 33-97 Leclerc

Sebastian Vettel’s struggles to get to grips with Ferrari’s car have been pronounced in what we already knew going into the season would be his final year in red. That made Vettel’s qualifying-race double over Charles Leclerc, and his first podium finish of the year, in Turkey the exception rather than the rule at the Scuderia in 2020.

Incredibly, the four-time world champion had been outqualified for 11 consecutive races, with Leclerc often taking the difficult SF1000 to places it probably shouldn’t be on the grid. The 23-year-old Monegasque has subjected his illustrious team-mate to a drubbing this year, no doubt about it.

*both drivers retired from the Styrian GP and Italian GP, so no score is awarded for those races

Red Bull: Max Verstappen vs Alexander Albon

Verstappen 14-0 Albon
Best result: Verstappen 2nd, Albon 4th
Q3 appearances: Verstappen 14-12 Albon

Verstappen 10-3 Albon*
Best result: Verstappen 1st, Albon 3rd
Wins: Verstappen 1-0 Albon
Podiums: Verstappen 9-1 Albon
Points: Verstappen 170-70 Albon

Max Verstappen has barely put a foot wrong in 2020 and so the yardstick that Alex Albon is measured against is significant. Verstappen maintains one the grid’s two immaculate qualifying records over his team-mate this year and, underlining his dominance, also hasn’t been beaten by Albon in a race when he has made the chequered flag.

Albon has had a tough run on a Sunday since an impressive maiden podium at Mugello in September, although both Red Bull drivers could point to missed chances last time out when they spun when in contention in Turkey.

*both drivers retired from the Austrian GP, so no score is awarded for that race

McLaren: Carlos Sainz vs Lando Norris

Sainz 7-7 Norris
Best result: Sainz 3rd, Norris 4th
Q3 appearances: Sainz 12-12 Norris

Sainz 7-6 Norris*
Best result: Sainz 2nd, Norris 3rd
Podiums: Sainz 1-1 Norris
Points: Sainz 75-74 Norris

It doesn’t get much closer than this. As has been the case since they became team-mates last year, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris are are very-competitively matched pairing. Norris has had the better of qualifying recently, taking the higher grid slot in three of the last four races, but Sainz has achieved McLaren’s best race result in the last four races.

Sainz’s Sunday run has pushed him ahead of Norris in the Drivers’ Championship for the first time this season but there is just one point in it and all still to play for in 2020’s final triple header, before the Spaniard heads for Ferrari.

*Sainz did not start the Belgian GP, so no score is awarded for that race

Renault: Daniel Ricciardo vs Esteban Ocon

Ricciardo 13-1 Ocon
Best result: Ricciardo 4th, Ocon 5th
Q3 appearances: Ricciardo 12-7 Ocon

Ricciardo 11-3 Ocon
Best result: Ricciardo 3rd, Ocon 5th
Podiums: Ricciardo 2-0 Ocon
Points: Ricciardo 96-40 Ocon

Few would have quite predicted the scale of Daniel Ricciardo’s dominance at Renault over Esteban Ocon. That Ricciardo leads the key metrics is perhaps not a surprise, after all he is a seven-time grand prix winner and in his second year at the team while his French team-mate returned after a year on the racing sidelines, but Ocon had been expected to put up a sterner test.

Ricciardo’s only qualifying defeat came in the season’s second race, when Ocon starred in the wet to take fifth on the grid, and the Australian has delivered their two podium finishes at the Nurburgring and Imola.

AlphaTauri: Pierre Gasly vs Daniil Kvyat

Gasly 12-2 Kvyat
Best result: Gasly 4th, Kvyat 8th
Q3 appearances: Gasly 8-1 Kvyat

Gasly 7-7 Kvyat
Best result: Gasly 1st, Kvyat 4th
Points finishes: Gasly 8-6 Kvyat
Points: Gasly 63-26 Kvyat

Pierre Gasly has made most of the headlines at AlphaTauri this year and, as evidenced by his large advantage in the Saturday head-to-head, has been quicker than Daniil Kvyat in the AT01. Gasly’s Monza win is obviously the team’s standout result but there have been five other top-eight finishes too, results helped by the Frenchman’s more regular appearances in Q3.

It hasn’t always gone right for him on a Sunday, as shown by the even race-day head to head, with Kvyat often making up ground from the middle of the pack. But Imola aside – where Kvyat surged to a brilliant fourth after Gasly had been forced out of the race when running ahead – it has been the Frenchman who has enjoyed the higher peaks in performance, securing his F1 future for another year.

Racing Point: Sergio Perez vs Lance Stroll

Perez 8-3 Stroll / Hulkenberg 1-1 Stroll / Perez 1-0 Hulkenberg
Best result: Perez 3rd, Stroll 1st, Hulkenberg 3rd
Q3 appearances: Perez 10/12, Stroll 8/13, Hulkenberg 1/3

Perez 7-4 Stroll / Hulkenberg 0-1 Stroll* / Perez 1-0 Hulkenberg
Best result: Perez 2nd, Stroll 3rd, Hulkenberg 7th
Points finishes: Perez 12/12, Stroll 8/13, Hulkenberg 2/2
Points: Perez 88-49 Stroll (11 races) / Hulkenberg 6-10 Stroll (2 races) / Perez 12-4 Hulkenberg (1 race)

With points finishes in every race he has features despite his impending exit from the team, Sergio Perez remains Mr Consistency and is set to finish the season ahead of Lance Stroll to cap an impressive year. But the Mexican has been challenged more by the young Canadian this season than last with Racing Point a more prominent force on the grid.

The qualifying lap-time gaps have often been smaller than the 8-3 headline scoreline suggests and Stroll claimed his first pole position last time out in Turkey when both drivers had the opportunity in the wet. Both drivers have had their seasons disrupted by race absences, with Nico Hulkenberg admirably stepping in seamlessly on each occasion, and claimed one podium finish apiece.

*Hulkenberg did not start the British GP, so no score is awarded for that race

Alfa Romeo: Kimi Raikkonen vs Antonio Giovinazzi

Raikkonen 8-6 Giovinazzi
Best result: Raikkonen 8th, Giovinazzi 10th
Q3 appearances: Raikkonen 1-1 Giovinazzi

Raikkonen 10-4 Giovinazzi
Best result: Raikkonen 9th, Giovinazzi 9th
Points finishes: Raikkonen 2-3 Giovinazzi
Points: Raikkonen 4-4 Giovinazzi

After a tricky start to a season in which he became F1’s most experienced-ever driver, Kimi Raikkonen has generally held the upper hand over Antonio Giovinazzi in their second year as team-mates at Alfa Romeo. The qualifying battle remains open with three rounds to go though, while they are tied on points amid a tough season for the team where top-10 finishes have been hard to come by.

Raikkonen has delivered some particularly strong Sundays from low grid positions and raced well in the midfield, even if the former world champion only has two ninth-place finishes to show for it.

Haas: Romain Grosjean vs Kevin Magnussen

Grosjean 7-7 Magnussen
Best result: Grosjean 14th, Magnussen 15th
Q2 appearances: Grosjean 3-3 Magnussen

Grosjean 7-5 Magnussen*
Best result: Grosjean 9th, Magnussen 10th
Points finishes: Grosjean 1-1 Magnussen
Points: Grosjean 2-1 Magnussen

Approaching the end of their fourth and final season as F1 team-mates at Haas, and the battle between Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen remains as tight as ever. Level-pegging in qualifying, and little to choose between them on race day, the pair each feel they have been driving well this year with what has been an uncompetitive 2020 car.

Q2 appearances, let alone points, have been scarce and so it was no wonder that Grosjean was so overjoyed to cross the line in ninth place at the Nurburgring after a strong drive from 16th on the grid. Magnussen’s only point of the year came when Haas gambled on a formation-lap switch of tyres (which was later penalised) in Hungary.

*both drivers retired from the Austrian GP and Turkish GP, so no scores are awarded for those races

Williams: George Russell vs Nicholas Latifi

Russell 14-0 Latifi
Best result: Russell 12th, Latifi 15th
Q2 appearances: Russell 8-1 Latifi

Russell 8-6 Latifi
Best result: Russell 11th, Latifi 11th
Points finishes: Russell 0-0 Latifi
Points: Russell 0-0 Latifi

Earning the nickname of ‘Mr Saturday’, George Russell has impressed by reaching more than half of the Q2 sessions so far this season as part of his continued 100 per cent qualifying record over his team-mates in F1 (it’s now 25-0 in total). But that first F1 point remains elusive, and Russell rued letting golden chances go begging when running strongly at Mugello and Imola.

Nicholas Latifi, completing his maiden season of F1, has come close himself with two 11th-place finishes and has been a solid runner in the second car. But it’s that outright pace gap he’ll bid to close when he and Russell go head-to-head again next season.

Note: Grid penalties are discounted when calculating qualifying head to heads, while no race-day score is awarded if both a team’s cars fails to finish or at least one car fails to start.

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