F1 boss warned in 2019 that teams who break rules would ‘lose championship’

Formula 1 boss Ross Brawn warned in 2019 that teams who break financial rules would 'lose their world championship'. The sport finds itself embroiled in a saga after it was reported at last week's Singapore Grand Prix that both Red Bull and Aston Martin had breached their spending cap for the 2021 season.

The budget capping was brought in by the FIA for the very first time last season, with the results of the investigation into 2021 spending set to be released. Amid the rumours, it had been suggested that world champion Max Verstappen could be stripped of his title because of the potential over-spending.

Whilst it was suggested by the Daily Mail that Red Bull's breach was only a 'minor' one, comments from Brawn in 2019 have resurfaced where he suggests those who break financial ruling will be stripped of their title.

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Speaking at the initial launch of the financial regulations three years ago, the F1 managing director said: "Financial regulations are the dramatic change in F1. We’ve tried for these in the past, and we’ve not been successful.

"I think the crucial thing about the financial regulations now is that they are part of the FIA regulations. So the sanctions for breaching financial regulations will be sporting penalties of some sort, depending on the severity of the breach.

“Whereas before we had the resource restriction, which was a gentlemen’s agreement between teams – well there’s not many gentlemen in the paddock I’m afraid, and that was a failure.

“But this has teeth. If you fraudulently breach the financial regulations, you will be losing your championship. So it has serious consequences if teams breach these regulations.”

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After the rumours of Red Bull's alleged rule-break appeared in Singapore, their team principal Christian Horner addressed the matter and revealed that he was 'not aware of any breaches'. Horner told Sky Sports: "I’m not aware of any [breaches]. Accounts were submitted way back in March so it’s been a long process with the FIA. We’re in that process as we speak.

"They’re rightly following that process and I think next week is when they declare their certificates. So, I think… certainly our submission was below the cap and it’s down to the FIA to follow the process, which they’re currently doing.”


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