LOOK: Alex Ovechkin’s spontaneous gift to a young Capitals fan in a wheelchair is the absolute best

Alex Ovechkin finally winning a Stanley Cup will certainly be pointed to as one of the more emotional moments in NHL history, and he’s paying it forward. The 33-year-old captain of the Capitals spent all summer partying with the Stanley Cup, but he’s back to business now, and part of that business is making dreams come true for young NHL fans. 

The latest recipient of Ovechkin’s generosity is a young fan who got to see the Capitals walking out of their locker room against the Calgary Flames. While most of his teammates high-fived the young man, Ovechkin took it a step further, giving him his stick.

You can see Ovechkin stop dead in his tracks and shake the kid’s hand before deciding to give him the keepsake. The generosity didn’t go unnoticed by the kid’s mother.

The Capitals are currently 5-3-2 with 12 points, tied for third in the Metropolitan Division. Ovechkin already has eight goals and six assists in 10 games played. The Capitals beat the Flames on Saturday 4-3 in a shootout, with Ovechkin notching an assist. The fact that this happened on the road is even cooler, and the fact it even occurred to Ovechkin to do this is a testament to the type of player he is.

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