Super Bowl MVP winners: Who has won the award most in NFL history?

More than 26,000 men have played in the National Football League. Only 47 of them can claim to be a Super Bowl MVP.

There have been 54 Super Bowls prior to 2021. Five players have won the award more than once — all quarterbacks, believe it or not. In one Super Bowl, two players received the award (Dallas’ Harvey Martin and Randy White). But most of the men who’ve won Super Bowl MVP have done it only once, one career-defining moment on the biggest stage in American sports.

Below, we’ve broken down the history of the Super Bowl MVP award, including which player has won it more than any other (it’s not a surprising name).

Who has won the most Super Bowl MVP awards?

The G.O.A.T. has won the most Super Bowl MVP awards. That’s right, the answer is Tom Brady. He’s claimed six rings in his career, and four of those times he was also named Super Bowl MVP.

Five players in total have claimed the award multiple times. They’re all quarterbacks. They are as follows:

Fittingly, both of Manning’s Super Bowl MVP awards (one more than his brother, Peyton) came against Brady, the king of the Super Bowl MVP winners.

As of February 2021, the last decade’s worth of Super Bowl MVP award winners are all active, giving them at least an outside shot of claiming a second and joining this even more exclusive club. Patrick Mahomes claimed Super Bowl MVP for the first time in just his second season as a starter and could have a decade or more to add to his particular total.

Super Bowl MVPs

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