Seahawks owner planned for sale proceeds to go to foundation

The passing of Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen last month not only took an iconic visionary too soon but also threw the future of his football franchise into flux. Allen’s death due to complications from non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma led to questions about the Seahawks’ future.

Clarity is coming.

Several sources informed of the situation told that Allen’s plan was to have the proceeds of the eventual sale of the team go to his foundation. The Paul G. Allen Foundation consolidated all of his causes and would be the beneficiary of the transaction. In other words, the sale of the Seahawks will benefit charity.

While no sale is imminent, the expectation is that the team ultimately will be sold. As of now, his sister Jody Allen has taken a more visible role in the football team.

All owners must file a succession plan, and the belief is Allen’s included this disclosure.

Either way, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and several key owners — including Cowboys owner Jerry Jones — have said the Seahawks are not leaving Seattle. Allen, after all, bought the Seahawks in part to keep them in Seattle.

But the team is expected to have new owners. That was the expectation among team owners and league officials at the Fall League Meeting in New York City.

When the Seahawks do hit the market — and potential owners are already researching and preparing — it is slated to generate considerable interest and likely set a record for most expensive North American sports franchise ever purchased.

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