Raiders’ Derek Carr denies crying after injury, pushes back on report of ‘fractured relationship’ with teammates

The hits just keep on coming for Derek Carr — and he hasn't even played a football game in nine days.

Monday, after his club reconvened following its bye week, the Raiders quarterback watched his No. 1 receiver, Amari Cooper, whisked off the practice field after being traded to the Cowboys.

Tuesday, Carr was compelled to defend himself from a report, via The Athletic, alleging the three-time Pro Bowler has a "fractured relationship" with teammates. That assessment stems from unnamed sources contending confidence inside Raiders HQ is waning in Carr, apparently exacerbated by perceptions he was crying on the field in Oakland's Week 6 loss to Seattle after his non-throwing arm was damaged.

Carr isn't having it.

He sent a tweet in response to older brother Darren, who listed out the various injuries Carr has dealt with, and ProFootballTalk on Tuesday morning, saying: "Don’t even waste your time with this big bro. On the ground I yelled get me up get me. Then I got to the sideline and yelled again. Not one tear. Not one time. There is the Truth. People will click on it because it sounds crazy. But stop playing with me."

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