Pick Six Podcast: Is Carson Wentz a better fantasy asset than Andrew Luck?

How’s your fantasy football team doing this year? Do you need some advice? If so, we’ve got just the podcast for you. On Thursday’s edition of the Pick Six Podcast, Will Brinson talks to CBSSports.com fantasy expert Heath Cummings about the trade deadline, everything you need to know about Week 9, and who to start in Daily Fantasy this week. 

The most interesting exchange, though, may have been about two specific quarterbacks: Andrew Luck and Carson Wentz. Heath is big on Wentz for the rest of the season. 

“I think [the Golden Tate trade] is enormous for him,” Heath said. “Because the Eagles don’t really have a very good run game at all. Dave Richard has talked a lot about how the Lions used Golden Tate to kind of replace their run game. They’d just throw it to him on their short yardage plays. I expect Wentz to be a high-volume, top-five quarterback the rest of the way.”

Brinson then asked if Cummings would take Wentz over guys like Matthew Stafford and Russell Wilson, which Cummings said he would, adding that he’d also take Wentz over Luck. Here’s his explanation, “You look at their schedules and what Wentz has now with Tate, Ertz, Jeffery, Agholor, and no ability to run the ball, it’s kind of a similar situation to Luck. Luck has two games left against Jacksonville in the next four weeks. I would rather have Carson Wentz than Andrew Luck.”

Brinson then noted how Andrew Luck’s pass attempt totals by week have plummeted since the return of Marlon Mack, who has injected life into the Colts’ running game.

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