NFL Week 8 Celebration Grades: Seahawks win the week with Nolan Ryan-inspired touchdown skit

Style points may not show up in the box score, but they do in our weekly NFL celebration grades. Showmanship is as much an art as football itself, so it’s important to appreciate the celebratory displays that we’ll see every weekend during the NFL season. It’s also important to roast the players who clearly need to work on their celly game. 

Here’s what we were gifted in Week 8.

Vikings get wavy

The Vikings have had some wild team celebrations this year and they’re still at it in Week 8. This one wasn’t quite as good as their “Dead Arm Dance” a couple weeks back, but it still might’ve brought a slight chuckle to a lot of people. I like the fact that the Vikes go with easy dances so that everyone can join in — even Kirk Cousins. That’s a selfless, team-first approach right there. 

Grade: C+

Anthony Miller delivers table salsa

It has been a while since Victor Cruz last suited up for an NFL contest, so there’s been a noticeable lack of salsa being distributed across the NFL on Sundays. Luckily, Anthony Miller is making sure we’re not completely deprived, and he did quite a good job channeling his inner Cruz on Sunday in Chicago. Heck, he even got Vic’s stamp of approval. 

Grade: B-

Antonio Callaway mean mugs

As much as I appreciate a creative and goofy celebration following a big play, sometimes you just can’t resist going hard and unleashing an old-fashioned staredown in the face of an opponent. After winning a one-on-one battle in the end zone on Sunday, Browns receiver Antonio Callaway shook off the defender and spun the football right in his face before giving him a long, hard staredown as he walked away. It was an outstandingly disrespectful celebration and I loved every second of it. All you need to do is read the dejected body language of the DB as he stays on his knees; this one hurt. 

Grade: B

Dede Westbrook’s sexy chicken

I honestly have no idea what this is, but it’s hilarious. It’s like the smoothest Chicken Dance ever or something. 

Grade: B+

Eric Ebron struts his stuff

Every week we see players break out dances and little skits in the end zone, but how often do we get to see a player just being sassy as heck? After a third quarter touchdown, the Colts tight end strutted his stuff like few have ever strutted their stuff on an NFL field before. He even beckoned the Oakland faithful to come and stop him. It was tremendous and I need more of it. 

Grade: B+

Seattle pays tribute to Nolan Ryan 

I’m not exactly sure why the Seahawks decided to re-enact the infamous Nolan Ryan / Robin Ventura fight of 1993, but it was pretty wonderful. The idea was creative and the execution was commendable — there was a lot of pressure on Tyler Lockett to peg Doug Baldwin with the pitch but he came through. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to dock some points due to historical inaccuracy because Ryan didn’t clothesline Ventura like the Seahawks would have you believe. Instead, he put him in a headlock and furiously whaled on him while the benches emptied onto the field around him. Still, “based loosely on true events” is good enough for me. 

Grade: A-

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