NFL Week 10 Celebration Grades: Tyreek Hill takes the crown with Ochocinco camera tribute

Style points may not show up in the box score, but they do in our weekly NFL celebration grades. Showmanship is as much an art as football itself, so it’s important to appreciate the celebratory displays that we’ll see every weekend during the NFL season. It’s also important to roast the players who clearly need to work on their celly game. 

Are you ready to break down Week 10? Let’s get to it.

Floyd’s gifts

Floyd Mayweather was on-hand for Sunday’s Rams-Seahawks game, sitting in the first row just beyond the end zone. After Seattle’s Tyler Lockett scored a touchdown in the second half, he handed Mayweather the football as a souvenir. Fine, whatever. Decent way to get facetime with a sports superstar.

But then, after Brandin Cooks scored a touchdown of his own later in the half, he ALSO handed off the football to Mayweather. Two souvenirs for the same guy? And especially Floyd Mayweather?! And when there are little kids seated just a few feet away??? Boo this man!

I guess when you score a touchdown you reserve the right to give the football to whoever you want, but I also reserve the right to give you a poor celebration grade for letting Floyd freakin’ Mayweather hog all the souvenirs. Spread the love, Brandin. 

Grade: F

Eagles team photo

Listen, this whole team photo thing is getting played out. I know it; you know it; everyone knows it. It seems like there’s at least one of these things every single week, so it’s hard to get excited about it anymore. That being said, I do appreciate using a football as a prop for a camera. You know what I would have appreciated more, though? If Carson Wentz stashed a digital camera under the goalpost and used it to take an actual photo during the celebration. That would’ve brought this team photo craze to a new level and been well worth the unsportsmanlike penalty. 

Grade: C-

Discount double sack

I love personalized celebrations. I love disrespectful celebrations. Robert Quinn doing the “discount double-check” motion right in Aaron Rodgers’ face after sacking him certainly qualifies as both. It’s not the most timely celebration considering I’m pretty sure those commercials don’t even air anymore, but still…people don’t forget. 

Grade: C+

Salute to Service

I appreciate the Eagles getting together for a celebratory group military salute on Veterans Day weekend, I really do. It’s a great idea and it gives us a literal interpretation of the NFL’s “#SaluteToService” hashtag that raises money for veterans, which is awesome. With that being said, this isn’t the most well-executed celebration. They’re not as organized or synchronized as you’d like to see, so it leaves a little to be desired. 

Oh god, I’m going to get “so why do you hate the troops?” replies because of this criticism, aren’t I? Oh god oh god FINE, IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS! 

Grade: B-

Moncrief air guitar knockout

Donte Moncrief’s signature air guitar celebration is great on its own, but I respect the fact that he continues to add modifiers onto it in order to keep it fresh. His add-on this week was pretty hilarious, as he allowed DJ Chark Jr. to smack him around a little bit in the end zone before being KO’d. I’m not really sure why, but sometimes ignorance is bliss. 

Grade: B

OBJ’s love don’t cost a thing

Odell Beckham Jr. got into the end zone twice on Monday Night Football, and he came prepared with a dance that you were likely very unprepared for. Beckham reached for a deep cut with this reference to ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing,’ the 2003 movie starring Nick Cannon that you may have forgot existed. In any case, it was a pretty damn good impression of Cannon’s terrible beach dance in that movie. 

Grade: B

Saints throw up the ‘X’

Dez Bryant never got to see game action with the Saints before suffering a devastating achilles tear, but his presence was felt on the field on Sunday. The Saints made it a point to throw up Dez’s signature ‘X’ celebration after scoring as a tribute to the veteran wide receiver, which was a very nice thing to do for a guy who had a really unfortunate stroke of luck. And considering the Saints hung 51 points on the Bengals, there were plenty of players who got a chance to show Bryant some love. 

Grade: B+

Dez’s former teammate in Dallas, Jaylon Smith, also delivered some love with the ‘X.’

Tyreek Hill shoots his shot

Last week we had Michael Thomas paying tribute to a former celebration legend in Joe Horn, and this week we had Tyreek Hill paying tribute to a former celebration legend in Chad Ochocinco. After scoring a touchdown against the Cardinals, Hill hopped into the crowd and took control of a CBS camera (self-plug) to make sure his teammates got their close-ups. 

It was a great tribute to Ochocinco, who first did it during a game in 2007 when he was with the Bengals.

It’s worth noting that Hill had to hop into the stands to grab control of his camera, whereas Ochocinco’s was at field level. Hill’s situation in Kansas City led to a much better all-around scene.

Overall, a pretty amazing celebration and a great tribute. Well-deserved top honors this week, even if his camera skills are lacking. 

Grade: A

Also, this celebration from Tyreek at the other end zone was pretty great as well. That guy sure loves going into the crowd.

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