NFL games today, Week 10 scores, highlights, updates, schedule: Tyler Lockett, Brandin Cooks give souvenirs to Floyd Mayweather

NFL Week 10 is here. To keep tabs on some of the choicest highlights and other big news throughout Sunday, keep it locked here for updates. 

Schedule, scores


  • Pittsburgh Steelers 52, Carolina Panthers 21 (Recap)


  • Kansas City Chiefs 26, Arizona Cardinals 14 (Recap)
  • Buffalo Bills 41, New York Jets 10 (Recap)
  • Indianapolis Colts 29, Jacksonville Jaguars 26 (Recap)
  • Tennessee Titans 34, New England Patriots 10 (Recap)
  • New Orleans Saints 51, Cincinnati Bengals 14 (Recap)
  • Washington Redskins 16, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3 (Recap)
  • Cleveland Browns 28, Atlanta Falcons 16 (Recap)
  • Chicago Bears 34, Detroit Lions 22 (Recap)
  • Los Angeles Chargers 20, Oakland Raiders 6 (Recap)
  • Green Bay Packers 31, Miami Dolphins 12 (Recap)
  • Los Angeles Rams 36, Seattle Seahawks 31 (Recap)
  • Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles, 8:20 p.m. (GameTracker)


  • New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers, 8:15 p.m. (GameTracker)

Russ to Lockett to Mayweather

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are giving the Rams a good game on Sunday in Los Angeles, and they managed to take a brief one-point lead on this connection from Wilson to Tyler Lockett. The Seahawks wide receiver then presented Floyd Mayweather, who was seated in the front row beyond the end zone, with a souvenir football. How nice, I guess.

Mayweather later got a second souvenir from Brandin Cooks.

Todd Gurley keeps the streak alive

Last week, Gurley broke a franchise record by becoming the first player in Rams history to score a touchdown in 12 consecutive regular season games. This week, the running back tacked another game onto that streak thanks to this second-quarter TD run.

Hit the spin button on ’em

Tyler Lockett gave a great effort and shedded a couple of would-be tacklers on this impressive run. Not bad elusiveness from a wide receiver.

Fake punt!

Jon Gruden is getting tricky early in the Chargers-Raiders game, calling for a fake punt on Oakland’s first drive. It paid off big-time thanks to a huge run from the punter, Johnny Townsend.

Mariota and Brady both with catches

When was the last NFL game you saw in which both starting quarterbacks made a catch on back-to-back drives? Well, it happened on Sunday in Nashville, though Marcus Mariota’s reception had better results than Tom Brady’s. Pretty much sums up the day for the Patriots.

Matt Barkley … ballin’?

Believe it or not, Matt Barkley is tearing it up for the Bills this weekend. Did you even know Matt Barkley was still in the league? Wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t! He’s thrown for over 200 yards and two touchdowns, including this seed to Zay Jones. Sure, his big performance is coming against the Jets, but it’s still gotta feel good for Buffalo fans who have had to watch this Bills’ offense spit up all over itself all year long. 

Chubb on the loose

The Cleveland Browns are taking it to the Falcons at home and Nick Chubb delivered a strong blow with this 92-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. He put the wheels on full display here.

Big Man Touchdown alert!

There’s nothing that brings more pure joy than a Big Man Touchdown and we got one on Sunday thanks to the Buffalo Bills. Offensive tackle Dion Dawkins caught a TD in the first half to help Buffalo go up 24-0 on the Jets. Yes, 24-0. The Bills. Big Man Touchdown.

What a day!

Mark Ingram throws up the ‘X’

Dez Bryant’s Saints career was pretty much over before it even began, as the wide receiver tore his Achilles in practice before seeing any game action with New Orleans. But that didn’t stop Mark Ingram from giving Dez a tribute on Sunday afternoon when he threw up Bryant’s signature ‘X’ celebration after a touchdown.

Mitchy Longball

The Bears are off to a good start against the Lions in Chicago. Mitchell Trubisky and Allen Robinson connected for a 36-yard touchdown on third down via this bomb from the Bears QB. Quite a nice catch by Robinson in the end zone, too.

Corey Davis outworks Stephon Gilmore

The Titans are off to a good start against the Patriots on Sunday, and Corey Davis earned their second TD of the first quarter with this great catch. The emphasis is on “earned,” as Davis fought off a defensive pass interference from Stephon Gilmore to make the over-the-shoulder grab in the end zone.

More like Bye Hill

Get it? Because Ty Hill is gone. The Chiefs wide receiver picked up an early 37-yard touchdown when the Cardinals defense left him wide open in the middle of the field. That’s probably not a strategy Arizona is gonna want to stick with today.

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