Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh rips Michigan State, Dantonio again, doubles down on ‘bush league’

Jim Harbaugh is not apologizing. He's not backing away. 

He's doubling down. 

On Monday, Michigan's football coach once again called Michigan State "bush league" for a pregame scufflebetween the entire MSU team and a handful of Michigan players — and went as far as accusing the Spartans, led by coach Mark Dantonio, of deliberately baiting Michigan into the situation. 

"When you host a team, both teams, you share the field. Each has a sideline, each has a half of the field to warm up on. And then Michigan State locked arms and used every inch of the field in their walk with the attempt of going through or over our guys in a physical manner.

"To call that unsportsmanlike or to call that bush league is putting it mildly," said Harbaugh. "That could’ve been a real unfortunate incident. And as I said, it’s the opposite of B.S. Coach (Dantonio) said that was BS. But that’s not BS. That’s fact. I think that’s something now the two athletic directors really need to get together and talk about.

"I’ll go one step further and use Coach Dantonio’s words from a few years back. It’s not a product of the team but their program. Again, that’s using his words. That could’ve been an unfortunate deal. And I’m proud of our guys for keeping their cool.”

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