Maryland fires trainers blamed for Jordan McNair’s death, reports say

The two trainers who received much of the blame for the death of Maryland football player Jordan McNair have been fired, the Washington Post reported.

Wes Robinson and Steve Nordwell were terminated after they were blamed for improperly treating McNair for heatstroke during the team’s May 29 practice.

Robinson and Nordwell didn’t follow the standard protocol for treating a player with heatstroke, which included taking his temperature and placing him in a cold-water bath, according to an independent review by former college trainer Dr. Rod Walters. 

Robinson reportedly yelled at other players to “drag (McNair’s) ass across the field” when he started struggling.

The trainers reportedly waited more than an hour to call 911 after McNair began having seizures from heatstroke and had a body temperature of 106 degrees at the time of his death.

McNair died on June 13 from complications from the illness.

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Robinson and Nordwell, along with head coach DJ Durkin, were placed on administrative leave in mid-August. 

Durkin was reinstated last week, but backlash against the decision resulted in Durkin’s termination one day later.

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