Louisville vs. Wake Forest updates: Live NCAAF game scores, results for Saturday

Halftime Recap

Wake Forest came into this matchup averaging 30.14 points per game, and they are putting up high numbers again. They have taken charge with a 35-21 advantage over Louisville. Wake Forest already have more points in this matchup than they finished with last Saturday.

Wake Forest and Louisville both experienced trouble in their last games, but one is bound to make up for today. At this point it looks like Wake Forest might take this one, but there’s still plenty of time for a reversal of fortune.

Game Preview

Louisville have had a week off and are no doubt ready to get back on the field. They will square off against Wake Forest at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday. Louisville are expected to win — but not by much — so they will need to come into the matchup prepared for a fight.

Things haven’t been easy for Louisville, and their game two weeks ago only extended their streak of losses to four. They took a hard 20-38 fall against Boston College.

Meanwhile, the oddsmakers predicted a rough match for Wake Forest last Saturday, and boy were they were right. They found themselves the reluctant recipients of an unpleasant 17-38 punch to the gut against Florida St. This makes it the second defeat in a row for Wake Forest.

With both teams hitting sour notes in their previous games, they will no doubt be looking to produce a better outcome in this one. We’ll see which team satisfies their hunger and which team leaves with an empty stomach.

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