Kickin’ It with Kiz: Does Denver want to get caught up in MLB’s political tussle over the All-Star Game?

What do you think of Major League Baseball moving the All-Star Game? I think players union director Tony Clark and others should stick with baseball, because that is what they are good at, and leave politics to the politicians, because that is what they are good at (or are supposed to be good at).

Bob, sticking it to sports

Kiz: Way back in 1987, when “Wall Street” was playing in movie theaters (remember them?), Gordon Gekko told us, “Greed is good.” Well, times change. Yes, professional sports are still all about the Benjamins in 2021. But socially conscious investing gets a seat at the table. Athletes want their voices heard on matters more important than balls and strikes. Telling them to shut up and play is about as out of touch as expecting athletes to practice or voters to stand in line for hours without access to a cool glass of water.

Moving the All-Star Game to Denver would be the perfect statement without saying a word. A move away from repressive legislation in Georgia to the gold standard for elections in Colorado would be poetic.

Greg, baseball poet

Kiz: Yeah, I work in the toy department of a news organization. But it seems to me the All-Star Game reminding us the sports cliches of playing fair and treating everybody with respect, regardless of what side they’re on, might be beneficial to America in 2021.

So baseball executives have decided to take the All-Star Game out of Georgia because of its recently passed election law. I am totally disgusted. That is a stupid, gutless and cowardly move. Do you have any idea what the law actually says? Can you find a single thing in it that unfairly restricts the ability of any qualified person of any color to vote? This is one more example of sports organizations, corporations and other groups mindlessly caving in to bullying demands of woke mobs. I used to love watching baseball, but not anymore.

Steve, Denver

Kiz: Even if I proudly cast a ballot in favor of Rockies shortstop Trevor Story as the National League starter in the All-Star Game, I would encourage you to vote for Fernando Tatis Jr. of the Padres, if that’s in your heart. I think free-and-open elections are among the coolest aspects of being American. But that’s just me.

I am in favor of moving the All-Star Game to Denver because it could help local businesses. I am against it if it benefits Rockies owner Dick Monfort in any way.

Josh, 303 fan

Kiz: Let’s imagine Monfort taking every dime the All-Star Game brought to his McGregor Square businesses and re-investing the money in a contract extension for Story. OK, I know. It’s never gonna happen, right?

And today’s parting shot expresses the fear the Dodgers might find a new way to aggravate the Rockies’ inferiority complex.

In favor of the All-Star Game in Colorado? Yeah. But the odds are it will go to Dodger Stadium, because Los Angeles lost last year’s midsummer classic and the Dodgers are the current champs, much as it pains me to say so.

Rick, Chicago

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