Fortnite Players Immediately Find Worst Possible Uses For New NFL Skins

In an attempt to burnish their brand in the eyes of the nation’s population of shrieking nine-year olds who steal their mothers’ credit cards to cosplay John Wick in a bad video game, the NFL has partnered with Fortnite and released a bunch of official skins and other crap. Predictably, players immediately used their newfound powers to have a bit of a laugh and create all manner of ill-advised scenarios.

This Jason Pierre Paul one from Reddit user Suspext bummed me out.

Someone made this poor virtual dog be Michael Vick’s virtual companion, but at least they won.


What is lady Brady doing with that balloon?


Ah, inevitably, players went straight for the OJ Simpson joke.

Here’s a wholesome one for a change.


Thankfully, it ends tonight, before someone has a chance to make a Steve McNair one.

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