Broncos’ Von Miller says party leading to former QB Chad Kelly’s arrest was private, safe

The Halloween party former Broncos backup quarterback Chad Kelly attended before his arrest was private and safe, Denver linebacker Von Miller said.

The event had both team and private security hired by Miller. 

“It was a private event, it was safe,” Miller said Thursday, via ESPN. “I had team security there, I had my own private security there … just all of Denver sports. It was a private event, it was (a) Halloween party, it was a safe event.”

Miller organized the party, which has become an annual affair for players in the Denver sports scene. Members of the Outlaws, Denver’s professional lacrosse team, the Nuggets and the Kings were in attendance.

Kelly was arrested later Tuesday on first-degree criminal trespass. He was then waived by the Broncos on Wednesday.

“Of course, we got the news about Chad. I care about Chad as a person,” Miller said. “The party was separate from his issues. I love the guy, I wish the best for him.”

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Broncos release QB Chad Kelly after arrest on trespassing charge

Broncos QB Chad Kelly arrested on trespassing charge

A number of players and team officials have said Kelly was “acting up” at that party and at one point in the night was asked to leave, ESPN reported.

Kelly’s arrest came after a couple reported he entered their home uninvited and was “mumbling incoherently,” according to a determination of probable cause affidavit.

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