Strange injury hospitalises ice hockey official as glass wall smacks him on head

An ice hockey official was involved in a bizarre incident that saw a pane of glass smash him on the head.

Joe Foley, an NHL off-ice official, was stationed in the Boston Bruins' penalty box for their clash with the Carolina Hurricanes. And during the clash, Bruins right winger David Pastrnak found the net to give his side a 3-1 lead.

As fans celebrated the strike, they banged on the panes of glass, which caused one to collapse on Foley, who clutched his head as he fell. Foley was taken out of the arena and to hospital for 'precautionary reasons', but he was later discharged.

Bruins said on Twitter: “Our thoughts are with the NHL off-ice official who was injured. We are sending him our best wishes."

While a spokesman for the NHL said: "Joe was released from the hospital shortly after being examined last night. He's home and he's recovering we hope to see him back at his post later in the series."

While Pastrnak, who scored the goal added: "You hear he's doing all right and he's going to be fine, It's unfortunate. Hopefully, he can recover and be good."

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Play resumed after Foley had received medical attention – and the Bruins went on to win Game 3.

However, they're still down 2-1 to the Hurricanes in the series.

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