RJ Hampton’s Bucks hat was thrown halfway across the world during NBA draft cap conundrum

No cap, indeed.

The 2020 NBA Draft was all sorts of wacky and confusing. There were a ton of picks swapped, Spike Lee showed up and, most importantly, hats were thrown.

Ah, the ever-important draft hat. While this year’s batch are stylish and fashionable, one member of RJ Hampton’s family apparently didn’t feel that way, as Hampton’s draft hat was chucked halfway across the hemisphere when Hampton was selected No. 24 overall.

A war cry followed by a 95 mph fastball (fasthat?). That Bucks hat is somewhere in the fourth dimension after the chucking.

There’s good reason for the hat toss: The 24th pick, originally owned by Milwaukee, was shipped to the Pelicans and then traded to the Nuggets after a series of shenanigans. So there’s really a fair reasoning for the confusion.

Arguably the best part of the clip is another Hampton relative rummaging through a pile of hats for the correct headwear.

The NBA Draft, folks. 

It was delightful moment in an otherwise relatively uneventful night devoid of big-move trades and drama:

Hampton, 19, spent time hooping in New Zealand after forgoing college, leading to his selection in the draft. Some expected him to go much higher than 24.

Really changing the definition of “cap casualty” here.

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