Next LeBron James? Warriors coach Steve Kerr compares Duke’s Zion Williamson to Lakers star

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr tacitly compared Duke freshman Zion Williamson to Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James on Wednesday — then jokingly asked commissioner Adam Silver not to fine him for his comments.

In response to a question about Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kerr instead went out of his way to heap praise on another athletically-gifted player — Williamson — without mentioning him by name.

"No, but I saw some kid on Duke last night who is pretty impressive," Kerr told reporters. "My goodness."

Kerr then said he "probably can't say anything more, or mention his name" but specified that he was speaking about "the one who's 285 (pounds)." Much has been made about Williamson's athleticism at his size — he's a prolific dunker despite the fact that he would be the second-heaviest player in the NBA.

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"I thought LeBron, I thought that was a one-shot deal, but apparently the next guy’s coming," Kerr continued. "And before I get fined, I’m going to change the subject."

He later added: "Adam, please don't fine me. Wherever you are. I didn't mean it."

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