LeBron James says Tyson Chandler has been ‘great’ for Lakers, praises vet for rare game-winning block

Since adding Tyson Chandler to the team, the Los Angeles Lakers have won three straight games. Furthermore, the veteran center has played a role in all of them, including getting a game-securing block on Trae Young in the closing seconds of the matchup against the Hawks on Sunday night. 

After the victory, LeBron James spoke to media members about the impact that Chandler has had on the Lakers since joining L.A. 

“He’s huge,” James said of Chandler. “We had a spot that needed some reassurance, and for us to be able to get Tyson in the fashion that we got him and to be able to implement him in right away, and the impact that he’s made in these three games is great.” 

James was extremely impressed by Chandler’s block on Young.

“To make a game-winning block, you don’t see that much in our league,” James said.  “You see a lot of game-winning shots, you see a lot of game-winning assists, but for you to see a game-winning defensive block like that, you don’t see that much in our league. So for him to go up there and get that on a guy that is shooting a floater, and time it perfectly, we were all excited about that.” 

At this late stage in his career, Chandler, 36, is just trying to appreciate the moments that he has out on the floor and with his teammates. 

“I still get excited by every single win, especially this team is a group of incredible guys, a mixture of veterans that I’ve competed against my entire career and then young guys that I’m growing to appreciate,” Chandler said, via ESPN. “It’s just every single moment out there that we get an opportunity to grow, I know what it’s going to take for the end of the year. So again, just trying to cherish every one of those moments and trying to grow at the same time.”

When it comes to James, Chandler knows that they are both on the same page. 

“We both want exactly the same thing and that’s to turn this historic franchise that’s won over throughout the years and get it back to those type of days,” Chandler said. “And in order to do that, you got to have these type of moments.”

The Lakers still have a ways to go before they can be considered a legitimate contender, but the early returns with Chandler in the fold have been promising. 

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